Hotels in Santa Marta, Colombia

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Where to Stay in Santa Marta, Colombia?


Hostels : There are several hostels and budget hotels available if you are backpacking, be sure to book into one with a private room.

  • The Dreamer Hostel was voted the best hostel in Columbia in 2014 and is ideally located to make the most of your trip to Santa Marta. It has amazing facilities for a really great price.
  • Candela & Chocolate Hostel is located in the heart of the historical city center, and provides their guests with solid comfort levels for the kind of moolah you have to pay.

Budget: There are several budget hotels in and around Santa Marta that provide good service and are not too expensive.

  • Casa Verde hotel is located 15 minutes away from the glorious Tangana beach and its an 8 minute stroll to Bolivar Square in the center of the city.
  • La Casa del Arbol Hotel is plum in the center of the historical city only a few hundred meters away from the city center. It is 30 km from the airport and offers an option for a budget stay in Santa Marta.

Luxury: Interest in the city and surrounding areas following the turbulent recent history and the opening of the fantastic marina has led to the development of several luxury hotels as well. There are no beach resorts in Santa Marta itself but Rondera is a good choice if that is what you a looking for.

  • Hotel Boutique Santamaria Del Mar is a five star hotel located 10km from Santa Marta and 10 minutes away from the airport. It is 5km away from the beautiful Rondera beach and well suited for those who want to be pampered.
  • Irotama del Sol has private access to Santa Marta beach and is a mere 2 km away from the Simon Bolivar International airport. A good choice for those who want to be centrally located to all the charms in and around Santa Marta.


Cuisine: Like much else in this Northern part of Colombia, there are multiple influences on the cuisine of the region including African, Latin, European and Caribbean. The city’s proximity to the sea ensures amazing and fresh seafood, which you can eat either from the beach-stall vendors or the many restaurants in the city. Regional specialties include:

  • Ceviche which is a must try for the sashimi (and other raw seafood) lovers out there.
  • Pargo(Red snapper) is a good choice for the cooked fish lovers. It is grilled with a variety of local spices and flavors that must be described simply as “Caribbean”.
  • Arepas (Corn based bread) approximately the size of a hamburger, these tasty delicacies are often stuffed with cheese or vegetables and served hot from the oven.
  • Patecone is a plantain, cut into pieces then boiled, flattened and then fried. It is similar in texture to potatoes and forms the base for several snacks and fried delicacies or “Fritas”.

Restaurants: For the iron stomachs there are multiple street food vendors who dish out the local favorites by the beaches or along the many narrow avenues of the city.

  • Cocteleria Juanco is a famous street stall which serves yummy Ceviche. In operation for more than 33 years, it serves the loyal locals who can’t get enough. The Prawn Ceviche is the dish to absolutely give a try if you visit.
  • Ouzo is a restaurant that offers Mediterranean cuisine mostly Greek and Italian food for those whose taste buds are so inclined.
  • Agave Azul is another tourist favorite. The restaurant serves up great Mexican food including mouthwatering tostadas and burritos.
  • Donde Chucho offers some of the best seafood on the Northern coast with fresh delicately prepared dishes that will leave you in seafood heaven.
  • There are several other eateries and restaurants available so while you may not be too spoilt for choice, you definitely will not starve.

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