Hotels in Sucre, Bolivia

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Where to Stay in Sucre, Bolivia?

The city is a historical one and therefore travelers are provided the opportunity to step back in time by staying in the famous accommodations that have preserved the time famed structural details.


Hotel Parador Santa Maria la Real

This is a meticulously renovated hotel and has history of the city imprinted in its every brick and interior decorations. The conservative 18thcentury architecture and style of service is sure to bring back the colonial flavor of mind to any traveler even only if slightly interested in the academic history. The private balconies and picture windows of this colonial building dates back all the way to its inception in the early 18thcentury.

Hostal Pachamama

For those who are not histry buffs and would appreciate a better room to spread around, this hotel could be the ideal choice as it offers a familial care to its patrons. The hostel is typical for its lawns and ping pong tables to lounge out after a hard day of sightseeing. 

what to eat:-

Sucre offers a wide range of food options ranging from street vendors and food stalls in the markets to the huge and elegant restaurants.

Joy Ride Café is an expensive gringo place with above average food. This is a great option for those who favor Italian cuisine with a Dutch flavor to it. As the history of this restaurant and tourist joint has both said influences in origin and functioning.

Florin located at Bolivar 567, is a restaurant and bar that offers the home foods of Bolivia. As an added bonus the homesick travelers can make a pick of their own country’s cuisine from a wide range from Thai to Chinese and American.

Bibliocafe is a youth run joint that serves the allegedly best brew of coffee in town and known for its moderate prices as well. The restaurant is split into two divisions one with a balring energetic music and the other playing pop catering to the tastes of different generations.


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