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Where to Stay in Tehran, Iran?


The capital of Iran has a variety of accommodations to choose that include hotels - luxury, mid-range and budget, inns, and motels. Most of the major accommodations are located at the city center. And rarely do the hotels in Tehran provide free Wi-Fi.

Based on your requirement and the type of your visit - family, business, romantic you can book your stay in one of those. Alternatively, you can request the locals for a stay. By doing this, you get the most authentic and local experience. Ideally, if you are wondering where to stay in Tehran, you should consider the distance that you will have to travel every time you head to visit an attraction. If your visit is purely to relax, then you can book your accommodation in the outskirts of the city. Doing this, you can still avail all the amenities available in the hotels located in the main part of the city of Tehran at a comparatively cheaper price. And also keep in mind that visiting the city of Tehran during the peak season will cost you extra. So plan your visit and stay accordingly.

Hotels Near Attractions in Tehran