Hotels in Wulai, Taiwan

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Where to Stay in Wulai, Taiwan?

Where to Stay:

You will be able to find quite a bit of holiday accommodations when visiting Wulai, and some of the places to choose from are Chun Long Hot Spring Villas, you will pay a good price for the accommodation here.

Left Shore Spring Resort and Call Me Garden Hotel- these are the other hotels you can also stay here. Although they are very nice, they are also a bit expensive.  Many would recommend staying over in Taipei, because the prices can be a little high in Wulai.

Eat outs:

The special foods you find in Wulai are all part of the local tradition. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to try one if the favourite dishes before heading back home:  Below are some of their traditional dishes and you will definitely love them;

Wild Boar – you can eat this either grilled, roasted, in a form of sausage and in many other ways. This is served hot, you can enjoy this meal with family or with friends.

Millet Wine – this is another specialty among the locals. It contains millet, which is a grain that is found near Wulai. This alcoholic beverage is normally sold in bottles and is available in many different potencies.  If you are a foreigner you will need to try this one and you will definitely fll in love with this wine.

Stuffed Bamboo Tubes – this is bamboo tubes stuffed with different kinds of seasoned rice. The rice is cooked inside the bamboo and may also include meat and mushrooms.

These are some of the local dishes that you find in Wulai, it is important to note that they also serve western other exotic meals. If you do not enjoy the local food they cook here, you can still get something for yourself. There are quite a number of restaurants in Wulai, you can always choose the one you are comfortable with.

To fully appreciate any holiday destination, you need to live the life, eat the food and breathe the same air.  Visit Wulai and you will not regret your time and money. You can also research on the internet for more information about the place.