Hotels in Xian, China

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Where to Stay in Xian, China?


Hotels in Xi’an

  • Shangri-La Hotel: 38B Keji Road- The Shangri-La is an adequate business traveller’s location, which gives full access to the high-tech new heart of the city. It's a little further removed from the tourist attractions than you might like.
  • Sofitel: Renmin Square, Xian- This ultra-modern hotel offers a host of features to the leisure traveller including access to The Grand Theatre and a relaxing garden area with rare and precious Chinese trees to be found. It’s a short walk to many of the historical sites, and you're well situated for shopping districts and nightlife.
  • Golden Flower Hotel: 8 Chang Le Road West: The Golden Flower is situated very near the city centre offering easy access to most of the major sights, it's one of the best hotels in the city and some of the largest rooms in town can be found here.

Hostels and More

There's no such thing as a “bed and breakfast” in China, and low budget accommodation can vary enormously in quality from perfectly reasonable to absolutely awful, so do your homework before you book anywhere.

  • Jano's Backpackers: 69 Shungcheng Nanlu, Dongduan South Gate, East Side- Jano's is a well regarded hostel located inside the CBD, with pleasant rooms and free Internet access, and lockers for the dormitory quarters.
  • Han Tang House: 32 Nan Chang Xiang, South of Xincheng Square- The Han Tang claims to be within walking distance of all major attractions, and throws in a free Chinese lesson for its guests along with Mah Jong tables, and Chinese chess, and if you're really lucky once a week they hold a free dumpling party too.
  • Days Inn City Centre: 99 North Street, Xi'an- Those familiar with American motels won't have to make much of a leap of imagination to find them inside the Days Inn, these franchised chain hostels are found in almost every city in China. They tend to be clean, but with very small rooms.

Restaurants in Xi’an

  • De Fa Chang: Bell Tower Square. A nice Cantonese restaurant that's hugely popular with the locals, if you don't fancy the full 18 course meal then the dumplings are a must.
  • Fanji Lazhi Roudian: 46 Zhubashie Jie, Xi'an Shanxi's snack food is served up with style here, meet China's answer to a hamburger – shredded pork in a bun.
  • King Town No.1: 176 Dong Mu Tou Shi , Xi'an. Go for the Peking duck which is justly famous, the menu can be a bit of a challenge but don't let the awkward English translations put you off a fantastic feed.

Hotels Near Attractions in Xian