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Where to Stay in Zakopane, Poland?

Hotels in Zakopane are quite expensive. Most travellers will recommend staying in a rental or a hostel. Since hotels are not heavily in demand, there are plenty of rentals available all over town. Summer and winter are the busiest tourist seasons in Zakopane. If visiting around this time, advance booking of your accommodation is recommended. Accommodation rates are especially high in these seasons. Booking early might get you a good deal.

  • AirBnB in Zakopane: Plenty of Airbnb rentals are available all around Zakopane. They are a tad bit expensive than normal rentals, but they are well furnished and boast of scenic views. Locations of these rentals are quite close to the heart of the town, so most of the tourist destinations are easily accessible. The rentals are furnished will all basic amenities for the prices they offer.
  • Budget hotels in Zakopane: Budget hotels are available in plenty in Zakopane. Many of these are actually basic apartments and not professionally run hotels. They are equipped with all the basic facilities along like Wi-Fi and multiple rooms for families. Apartments do not offer airport pickup but some of the hotels do. Located across the expanse of the city. Some are even located on the borders of the city. 
  • Affordable hotels in Zakopane: This budget bracket also offers several well-furnished apartments for rent. However, the number of hotels are greater and they offer services like airport pickup as well. Centrally located, so tourist destinations are easily accessible. Some of the hotels include breakfast rates in their tariff.
  • Luxury hotels in Zakopane: Luxury hotels are present in large numbers in and around Zakopane. Many of these offer airport pickups but it is a good idea to check it up with them before booking. Tariff include breakfast rates in many hotels. They are a few minutes away from the main tourist spots in Zakopane, however, this distance can also be negotiated on foot.

Best Hotels Deals in Zakopane, Poland

  • Magic Tatry

    Starý Smokovec, Vysoké Tatry

  • Penzion Nebeski

    Podbanske 1324, Podbanske

  • Penzion Sileo

    Rackova Dolina 1435, Pribylina


    Penzion Sileo


    150 guest reviews

    • 9.7
    • 10
    • 9.7
    • 9.9
    • 9.8
    • 9.7
  • Vila GaRufa

    Hlavna 46/92, Tatranská Lomnica

  • Villa Gold

    Tatranska 226, Nová Lesná

  • Pension Tatrasport Zampa

    Stary Smokovec 62, Vysoké Tatry

  • Central Apartmany

    Starý Smokovec 24, Vysoké Tatry

  • Privat Jasmin

    Mengusovce č.62, Mengusovce

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