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  • Serena Khaplu Palace

    Serena Khaplu Palace, Chaqchan Road, Sargiab، Khaplu, Khaplu

    200 kms Away from Drass River

  • Hotel White House

    Golf Course Road Laripora, Pahalgām

    200 kms Away from Drass River

  • Hotel Rah Villas

    Rezan, Near Petrol Pump, Srinagar Sonamarg Road, Sonāmarg


    200 kms Away from Drass River


    Hotel Rah Villas


    19 guest reviews

    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
      Food & Drinks
    • 10
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    • 10
  • Farah's Homestay

    Bardparan, Gagangir, Next Petrol Pump, Sonmarg Kashmir., Kulan

    200 kms Away from Drass River

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Where To Stay Near Drass River, Leh

Planning to visit Drass River in Leh, India? Book hotels near it to make your trip hassle-free. Triphobo now makes it easy to book accommodation located near Drass River. You have the option of choosing your hotel through, airbnb, agoda, and HotelsCombined. We present to you the best deals near Drass River. From budget stays to luxurious ones, you will find it all here. If you wish to stay at a particular hotel near Drass River, enter the hotel name in the search bar and you will be saved from finding your hotel through a long list. If not, explore your best options by letting us know your check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms required, as well as the number of adults and children arriving at the hotel. Change the currency if you wish to view the prices of hotels other than USD. You may even modify your search and view the updated list. If you choose to book a hotel near Drass River through or agoda, you can sort the recommended hotel list by price, star ratings, or customer review score. You can further filter your search by choosing the star rating provided to the far left of the page. Once you are presented with the best hotel deals, you can view the amenities provided by each hotel, other nearby attractions in the Leh, location of the hotel on Google Maps, and the star rating of the hotel based on customer reviews. At times, you will also be alerted about the hotel having just few rooms left for booking. If you wish to stay in a homely accommodation near Drass River, then airbnb is your best option. The listing will include cottages, apartments, and rooms that would best suit your requirements. For each accommodation, you will see other nearby attractions in the Leh, location of the place on Google Maps, and the number of customer reviews. HotelsCombined will present you the price of the hotel near Drass River with different providers, letting you have the best deal. You can sort the list by price, stars, popularity, and guest rating. Refine your search further by using a variety of filters. These include star rating, price, property type, guest rating, hotel features, deals, hotel theme, and hotel chain. Find a good deal with Triphobo and enjoy your stay at your chosen accommodation near Drass River.