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Most Viewed Hotels Near Velky Vrch

  • Hotel Lipa

    Sladkovicova 20, Bojnice

    30 kms Away from Velky Vrch

  • Penzion Termal

    Kúpeľná Ulica 1647/8, Bojnice

    30 kms Away from Velky Vrch

  • Hotel Bojnický Vínny Dom

    Hurbanovo Nám. 57/60, Bojnice


    30 kms Away from Velky Vrch


    Hotel Bojnický Vínny Dom


    145 guest reviews

    • 9.3
    • 8.7
    • 10
    • 9.4
    • 9
    • 8.8
  • Hotel Hron

    A.Kmeťa 9, Nová Baňa

    30 kms Away from Velky Vrch

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Where To Stay Near Velky Vrch, Malé Kršteňany

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