How To Make An Itinerary

1. Select the destination that you want to add to your itinerary maker. You can choose from the top 14000 cities featured on TripHobo. Let’s make a trip plan for Paris.

How to make an itinerary on TripHobo

2. The itinerary maker will pick your current location, as the city you are travelling from. You can also change it to the name of the city you want to travel from.

Let’s say we are travelling from New York.

Itinerary maker

3. If you are planning to return to the city that you started your trip plan with, click on the I am planning to return here check box.

How to create an itinerary

4. Enter the dates of your travel or click on Not sure about dates if your travel dates are not fixed. If your travel dates are not fixed, TripHobo Trip Planner will pick up the closest date for your trip plan. Adding schedule to your travel plan will help to fetch the availability of travel options and accommodation for your itinerary.

How to make itinerary for trip

5. To select the mode of travelling between the two selected cities, click on Change Mode, and make your selection. You can also change your flights by clicking on Change Flight. Also, if your flight is not available in the drop down, you can add your flight details manually.

How to make an itinerary for travel

6. You can add multiple cities to your travel plan by clicking on Add more cities. TripHobo offers the best travel options and mode of transports from your departure point to arrival point. In this case, we are adding Barcelona to our trip plan.

Create travel itinerary

7. To explore the itineraries and trip plans created by TripHobo’s Travel experts, click on Suggest a Plan. TripHobo will suggest you the ideal trip plans for your chosen city, for the duration of your choice.

8. Click on Create a Plan to create the customised trip plan.

9. TripHobo provides you with a list of best hotels in the city that you are travelling to (in this case, Paris). Our hotel booking partners: and Expedia.

Create a vacation itinerary online

To get amazing deals on the hotels, click on the Book Hotel tab and make a booking right away.

If you want to book the hotel later, add your desired hotel to your itinerary planner by clicking on the Add To Plan tab.

Click on Continue to Plan tab to continue your trip planning or you can simply skip it by clicking on No Thanks.

10. The travel period from your starting destination to your desired destination will be mapped in red colour.

In this case, it is from the Newark Liberty International airport to the Charles De Gaulle airport.

Vacation itinerary planner

11. To start planning the trip, click on the day that you want to add attractions to.

Trip Planner

12. Start adding attractions by clicking on the Add Places tab on the right side of the screen. The attractions from the destination will appear in a list. For Paris, attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Museum D’Orsay appear in the list.

Make an itinerary online

13. To select attractions, just click on the tick mark in front of the attraction or drag and drop the attraction to the selected day.

We have selected the Eiffel Tower and added it to the trip plan.

Journey Planner

14. You can pick attractions for your itinerary based on categories. The attractions are available under various categories like- entertainment, historic, Outdoors, Must-see, family and kids, food and drinks, Museums, Leisure, Historical, Arts and culture.

Itinerary maker

15. If you want to know more about the attraction before adding it to the trip plan, you can click on the info button on the attraction icon. TripHobo provides detailed information about the opening and closing times of the attraction, what is the best time to visit the attraction, how you can reach the attraction and also gives you the ideal duration of time that you spend at the attraction. This will help to make a crisp itinerary template. Here, the details of Eiffel Tower can be seen.

How to make itinerary for trip

16. This trip planner will also provide you with information on public transports like bus, train, metro, ferry to reach the various attractions and get around any particular city. To view the mode of transport available, click on change button, seen between two attractions. In this case, the Trip Planner is suggesting the mode of transport from the Eiffel Tower to The Louvre Museum.

Create a trip itinerary

17. Add multiple attractions to your day. The day ends at 12 AM, thus the trip planner will show end of the day depending on the time taken to visit these attractions.

You can change the time spent at any particular attractions by clicking on the time slot icon. However, you cannot change the start time of the selected place. To change the start time of any place either change the start time of the day, adjust the stay of the previous place(if any) or add idle time.

18. The Select the start time of your trip will help to create a better itinerary. Although, the recommended duration to visit any attraction is already mentioned, you can always enter your preferences in the itinerary maker.

How to make itinerary for trip

19. If the place that you want to add to the itinerary is not present in TripHobo’s list, you can add the place by clicking on the Add custom places tab. This feature of TripHobo Trip Planner enables you to add any hotel, spot, landmarks, Airbnb.

How to make an itinerary for travel

20. Also add restaurants to your itinerary. Click on the Restaurant icon and you can choose from the list of restaurants and eat-outs.

Make an itinerary

21. For each attraction on the itinerary, you can check out the nearby attractions by clicking on the See Nearby button for the attraction.

Create a trip itinerary

22. Lock Feature: Once you’re done planning the itinerary for the whole day, click on the lock icon to lock the attractions, hotels and restaurants that you have selected.

Creating travel itinerary

23. Map View: You can view this itinerary plan on maps by clicking on the Map View option. The Map view offers segregated option where you can just view the attractions that you picked on the map, the restaurants, the hotels or view the entire trip plan on the map.

Trip itinerary maker

24. You can return to the planner by clicking on the Planner view button.

25. You can add notes for each day of your itinerary, by clicking on the note icon beside each day.

Trip itinerary format

26. If you want to keep the trip plan flexible, you can click on the Save as Draft option under the Finish Planning drop down. After you are satisfied with your trip plan, you can click on the Finish Planning tab. You can now view your finished trip plan and scroll through the days for details. For vertical trip plan, you can scroll down the screen and view the trip plan day wise. Trip itinerary Sample

27. At this point, TripHobo recommends hotels that suit your trip plan. These hotels can be browsed based on prices and ratings. You can browse and book hotels on to create a better trip plan.

How to compile and itinerary

Another crucial addition to the sightseeing of any city is the tours and activities offered in the city. Want to go hot air ballooning? Love to try out SCUBA diving? Or eager to enroll in a culinary tour of a city? TripHobo has got it covered! You can explore and book tours and activities from top destinations across the world and add them to your trip plan.

How to compile and itinerary

28. You can also rename this trip by clicking on edit button.

How to compile and itinerary

29. You can save and print your itineraries.

Trip itinerary maker

30. You can also view and edit the existing trip plans on TripHobo created and curated by travel experts worldwide.

Trip itinerary maker

31. You can review the trip plan and share your personal experience.

Trip itinerary maker

32. Share your trip plan on social media with your friends.

33. You can access your trip plan on phone via TripHobo app on iOs and Android.

Trip itinerary maker

34. For more travel information and travel tips, you can check out TripHobo Blogs.

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