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  • It's great as a tourist stop, but remember for the love of God, don't take a picture with any of those "performers" unless you plan to be ripped off by their demands for a tip. Just don't take a picture with them; keep walking. Other than that, there are plenty of shops and food stops, exhibitions, great shows (that you should actually tip), and an overall good time. Enjoy!

  • I had no qualms with the place....I mean, it's Times Square. One of those "everybody has to go once" kinda places. Obviously great for people watching, but also a good meeting point and a great place to start your day seeing midtown if you're visiting. Check out the barbecue place, by the way, it's pretty good.

  • This place is crazy but a must see. It is what New York is all about. The stores were great but busy. People everywhere and all kinds of street shows going on. The Hershey store was a hit because of the line outside and wait to get in the shopping was so fun in a quiet store. Times Square is a must for anyone and everyone!

  • Beautiful place. Feels just like the movies when you walk around. Keep an eye out for people trying to give you their mix tape. They're nice, but they still want a donation. Also, there are people in character costumes walking around. They want you to take a picture with them and they really push you for a tip so be careful. They aren't always polite.

  • There's nowhere else in the world that has the iconic impact of this open space. Surrounded by ever changing billboards and signs, one can't say they've been to New York City if they don't make it to Times Square at night. Just go there for 5 minutes. You won't regret it.

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