Events and Festivals in Aachen

  • February - March: Rosenmontag, also known as Rose Monday is a carnival held on Monday before the Ash Wednesday. The locals of Aachen wear colourful wear colourful clothes and participate in the parades.
  • July: Weltfest der Pferdesports, also known as World Equestarian festival is a famous horse sport eventwhere several Equestarian Athelets take part in dressing, jumping, vaulting and four-in-hand driving of horses.
  • August: Aachen Wine Festival is held as a part of one of the summer events, every year, more than 20 wine producers exhibit their wines between the Market Place and the Cathedral.
  • December: Christmas Market, a huge festival comprising several other events is held in the month of December. During this time, the whole city is illuminated with thousands of lights, while the city comes to life with a number of stalls, craft exhibitions, music and dance performances, competitions etc. There are many things to do during this spectacular festival, until it closes down on the Christmas Eve. The event attracts thousands of people not only from Germany, but also France, Netherlands and Belgium. Plan your trip during this month to have a memorable Christmas month filled with pomp and grandeur.