Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark

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Aalborg attractions include the Aalborg Zoo, KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art and the Aalborghus Castle. Other must visit attractions in Aalborg are the Aalborg Historical Museum, Lindholm Hoje, the Budolfi Church and the Aalborg Tarnet. Things to do in Aalborg include a visit to the Egholm Island, visiting the House of Music, the Utzon Centre, the Franciscan Monastery Museum and the Aalborg Defense and Garrison Museum. Other Aalborg attractions are Springeren- Marine Experience Centre and Jens Bang’s Stenhus. Aalborg nightlife can be enjoyed by a trip to JomfruAneGade.

Below we have a list of things to do in Aalborg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Aalborg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Aalborg

Here is the list of things to do in Aalborg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Lindholm Hoje Museum

    4.4 (343 Votes)
    Lindholm Hoje Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    The Lindholm Hoje Museum is a part of the NordjyllandsHistoriske Museum (The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland). In the Lindholm Hoje Museum, you will find exhibitions about the Vikings and how they used to live. Relics can be found around Limfjord. Outside the museum, stone circles indicate the burial grounds.
  2. The House Of Music

    4.6 (330 Votes)
    The House Of Music

    Art And Culture, Entertainment, Performance

    An architectural marvel designed by the internationally acknowledged firm Coop Himmelb(l)au, the House of Music is divided between nine storeys and has four concert halls, a restaurant, and an interesting lobbyalong with educational and administrative facilities. The permanent residents of the House of Music are the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg, Aalborg Univers...Read more
  3. Springeren Maritime Experience Centre


    Opened in the year 1992, the Springeren Marine Experience Centre welcomes visitors for who are game for exiting stories of the Danish maritime life and a journey on-board a submarine.
  4. Jens Bangs Stenhus

    Landmark, Historical Site, Architecture , Sculpture

    Built in the year 1624, Jens Bang’s Stenhus is an historical landmark and the most photographed tourist attraction of Aalborg. Although one is not allowed inside the premises of the building, the architecture and the beauty of the building can be admired from outside. The Stenhus is well known for its gables and sculpted auricular window decor. It also has gargoyles and a sculpture of Ban...Read more
  5. Utzon Centre

    4.2 (297 Votes)
    Utzon Centre

    Art And Culture, Library, Museum, Cafe

    The Utzon Center was designed by the world renowned JornUtzon and his son Kim Utzon. This was the last work of Jorn before he passed away in 2008. The Utzon Center houses two exhibition halls, the Spidsgatter Hall, a workshop for the Architecture and Design students from Aalborg University, the Utzon Library, The Utzon Archives, The Obel Auditorium and the Utzon Cafe & Restaurant.
  6. Aalborghus Castle

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    Aalborghus Castle

    Art And Culture, Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    Built by King Christian the 3rd during the period of 1539 to 1555, the structure was initially constructed to be used as a fortress. However, it did not prove to be fruitful, so the deemed fortress was turned into an administrative office. The local government body still uses the buildingsas an office. Public access to the buildings is denied, however, one has access to the courtyard and the ar...Read more
  7. Aalborg Historical Museum

    4.1 (259 Votes)
    Aalborg Historical Museum

    History Museum, Historical Site

    The Aalborg Historical Museum is a part of the NordjyllandsHistoriske Museum (The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland). The museum depicts the history of Aalborg and its neighboring area for the last 1000 years. Permanent exhibition includes a collection of locally produced silverware and glass items. A special attraction is the Aalborgstuen from 1602. It has one of the most well-preserved ci...Read more
  8. Budolfi Church

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    Budolfi Church

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Built in the early 1000, and having faced fires and war attacks, the church and its faith have stood the test of time. Having gone through lots of renovations and refurnishing, the current church boasts of magnificent interiors. Right from the paneling to the statues and murals to the chandeliers, lamps, stained glass and bells and clarion, everything is splendid.
  9. Egholm Island

    4.3 (236 Votes)
    Egholm Island

    Outdoors, Island, Leisure, Cruise

    A five minutes ferry ride from Aalborg will take you to the magnificent Egholm Island. Spread across 605 hectares, most of the island has been cultivated. Paths have been marked which take you to different vantage points where you can see the Limfjord and the nearby range of hills. Best way to experience the island is on foot or by bike. The Egholm Beach is beautiful, clean and the waters are p...Read more
  10. The Franciscan Monastery Museum

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Museum, Architecture

    The Franciscan Monastery Museum is an underground site and can be entered via a lift by the ‘Salling’ department store. It is located where, after an archaeological expedition, ruins and remains of a medieval monastery were discovered. You can view the cellars and foundations of the monastery and browse through an exhibition that gives an insight into life in medieval Aalborg.
  11. Aalborg Defense And Garrison Museum

    Museum, Military Museum, Educational Site

    Situated within a historically significant hanger, the Aalborg Defense and Garrison Museum was opened for the public in the year 2002. The museum covers all the components of the Danish defense system. Department vise, one can explore the Army, Home Guard, Police, Light weapons, Civil Defense, Airforce and many more.
  12. Aalborg Airport Image
    Aalborg Airport, Aalborg (IATA: AAL, ICAO: EKYT) is an international airport located in Nørresundby, Denmark, 8 km (5.0 mi) northwest of Aalborg. It is the third-largest airport in Denmark, after Copenhagen Airport and Billund Airport, and the largest airport in the North Jutland region of Denmark. The airport is owned and operated by Aalborg Airport A/S.The airport has one runway, measuring 2...Read more
  13. The Park Ostre Anlaeg


    The Park "ostre Anlaeg" sprawling over 16 acres is supposedly one of the oldest parks in the city of Aalborg. Overlooking the magnificent St Mark’s Church, the lake in the Park "ostre Anlaeg" attracts a plethora of bird species, of which fifty-one species has been recorded. The park features a kids’ playground, mature trees, bushes, shrubs and manicured lawn areas. The park acts as ...Read more
  14. Aalborg Karneval

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    Aalborg Karneval


    For a vibrant and jovial experience, attending the largest carnival parade of Northern Europe will be the perfect opportunity. You will not feel congested with around 60 thousand participants and 100 thousand spectators at all. Anyone can take part in the carnival, but with quirky makeup and funky dresses. It is all about enjoying the colours of life. Plan your trip here accordingly as the gra...Read more
  15. Gigantium


    Arena, Games

    The Gigantium, just as the name suggests, is a giant indoor leisure center having separate sections for ice skating rink, indoor swimming pool, concert hall and sports hall. Kids, adults and families can enjoy at the water and wellness center equipped with spa, sauna, water slides, steam bath, 25-meter swimming pool, rest area and hot water basin. The three-levelled ice arena of Gigantium is us...Read more