Best Things To Do in Acapulco, Mexico

Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Acapulco.

Acapulco may not be as popular as other cities in Mexico, but don’t let that fool you. Acapulco is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.

You might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Acapulco.

If you have plans to visit Mexico and are not sure if Acapulco should be included in your itinerary, keep reading. In this list, we have put together some of the things to do in Acapulco and around. We have a hunch that if you include this city in your travel plans, you will be thrilled you did so.

Tourist Attractions in Acapulco

Here is the list of things to do in Acapulco and tourist attractions in city.

  1. General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport Image

    Address: Avenida Escénica s/n, Fraccionamiento Costa Azul, 39690 Acapulco de Juárez, Gro., Mexico

    General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport (IATA: ACA, ICAO: MMAA) is an international airport located in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. It is the main airport serving the city of Acapulco and the surrounding region. The airport is named after General Juan N. Alvarez, a Mexican military leader and politician who served as the President of Mexico...Read more
  2. Palma Sola

    1.7 (56 Votes)
    Palma Sola

    Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    Address: La Mona 17, Independencia, 39510 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    An archeological site nestled in the heart of the El Veradero National Park, Palma Sola, Acapulco is a collection of 18 rocks with carvings which depict important historical events. This place was considered to be a sacred place in the pre-Hispanic era. Tour guides offering special excursions to this site provide visitors with detailed informat...Read more
  3. Parque Papagayo

    4 (64 Votes)
    Parque Papagayo


    Address: Av Niños Heroes de Veracruz 27, Alta Costa Azul, Parque Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, 39830

    If you looking to have a fun-filled day with family, this park is an ideal place. The best part is that you have to pay nothing for getting admission here and you can spend as much as time you want. Children mostly enjoy the jungle gym and the zoo inside the park. Under the canopy of lush green trees, you can enjoy some snacks with your family....Read more
  4. Castillo Del Rey Leon

    3 (57 Votes)
    Castillo Del Rey Leon Image

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: Av Niños Heroes de Veracruz 27, Alta Costa Azul, 39830 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    Overview of Castillo Del Rey Leon If you are looking out for places to eat in Acapulco, then the entertainment zone of Castillo Del Rey Leon is a good option. This place features a water park along with being characterized as a beach park. The in-house restaurant serves delicious Mexican food, making it a go-to place for many in the city. One ...Read more
  5. Museo Historico De Acapulco Fuerte De San Diego

    Historical Site, Fort

    Address: Hornitos s/n, Centro, 39300 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    This star fort in Acapulco built by the Spanish Empire during the 17th century is an important landmark of the city. The fort carries a rich history as it was built to protect the city from the pirates since Acapulco was an important trading port during those times. The original construction of the fort had an irregular pentagon shape. However,...Read more
  6. La Perla

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: Plazoleta La Quebrada No. 74 | Area de La Quebrada Col. Centro, Acapulco 39300, Mexico

    Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the adrenaline junkie cliff divers plunging into the water from the clifftop, the La Perla restaurant will never cease to mesmerize you. The food as well as the staff service is commendable while you enjoy the ocean breeze sitting by the railings on which dreamy Onyx Lamps flicker. The walls of La Perla are ador...Read more
  7. Paradise Bungy Acapulco

    4.2 (21 Votes)
    Paradise Bungy Acapulco


    Address: Av. Costera Miguel Alemán 101, Condesa, 39690 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    Overview of Paradise Bungy Acapulco Paradise Bungy is a bungee jumping and recreation centres located in Acapulco, Mexico. This place is located just off the coast and offers great views of the waters as you take a free fall of over 50 metres off the tower. The jump takes place above the pool of dolphins adding to the excitement levels. There i...Read more
  8. Yates Fiesta & Bonanza

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    Yates Fiesta & Bonanza

    Food And Drinks, Adults

    Address: Playa Honda, Las Playas, 39390 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    Yachts, open bar and a beautiful coast await visitors at the Yates Fiesta & Bonanza, Acapulco. The Acapulco Bay is a picturesque cove which is quite popular among tourists because of the wonderful coast and the stunning views. Yates Fiesta & Bonanza offers visitors with a chance to explore this scenic bay on a yacht tour. Friendly atmos...Read more
  9. Jardin Botanico De Acapulco

    Botanical Garden

    Address: Av Heroico Colegio Militar 29, Parque el Veladero, Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

    Overview of Jardin Botanico De Acapulco Jardin Botanico De Acapulco, or The Botanical Garden of Acapulco is located off the bay of Acapulco and is surrounded by mountain ranges. This park is spread over 14 acres of land and is home to native plants and shrubs. Fine timbre tress like Pelogyne Mexicana, which are on the verge of extinction, is pr...Read more