Best Things To Do in Agios Georgios, Greece

Agios Georgias is a small village in Corfu that is primarily known for its beautiful beach by the same name. One of the pivotal things to do that visitors come here for is the idea of a relaxed beach holiday. The beach is still unspoilt and unaffected by the forces of commercialization. This beach resort is constituted of private houses, small hotels, tavernas and some apartments that lie lazily behind the beach road. You can also take a trek around its countryside which is rich with fields, olive groves and wooded hills. Nightlife comes in the form of various restobars that are located here.

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Must see places in Agios Georgios ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Agios Georgios and point of interests to visit.

  1. # 1 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 1815 times in trip plans
    Agios Georgios Beach

    Tags: Beach, Skiing

    Address: Ag. Georgios 370 06, Greece

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    The main beach of Agios Georgios is known for its scenic coastline with a few outcropped ridges and a smooth coast with calm blue waters. Many umbrellas and lounge chairs are available for rent and yo...Read more

  2. # 2 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 566 times in trip plans
    Kazzoo's Cocktail Bar

    Tags: Bar, Food And Drinks

    Address: Ag. Georgios 490 80, Greece

    Timings: 11:00 am - 09:00 pm Details

    The most popular and understated bar in Agios Georgios, Kazzoo’s Cocktail bar offers a delicious cocktail menu with some of the best complimenting food in town.  On sports nights, you will ...Read more

  3. # 3 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 72 times in trip plans
    Mad Mike's Bar

    Tags: Bar

    Address: Agios Georgios 490 80, Greece

    Timings: 09:30 am - 11:59 pm Details

    One of the best places to go to if you are looking for entertainment, lip-smacking food and plan on getting tipsy on some of the best cocktails, Mad Mike's Bar is a party like no other in Agios Georgi...Read more

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    Europa Bar

    Tags: Bar, Food And Drinks

    Address: Agios Georgios 49080, Greece

    Timings: 11:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    A budget friendly bar with warms service, the Europa Bar is another one of Agios Georgios common day haunts where you can cool off with a few drinks as you see the sunset.  The place is located c...Read more

  5. # 5 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 45 times in trip plans
    Breakout Game Centre

    Tags: Entertainment, Games

    Address: near Europa Bar, Agios Georgios 49080, Greece

    Timings: 05:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

    One of the most exciting things to do while in Agios Georgios, the Breakout Game Centre is an Escape Room with enough riddles to get your brain ticking and your curiosity peaked for a whole hour that ...Read more

  6. # 6 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 55 times in trip plans
    Windsurfing In Agios Georgios

    Tags: Beach, Adventure, Adults

    Address: Agios Georgios, Greece

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    If you are feeling a little too adventurous, head over to any one of the villages’ exclusive Windsurfing Centers located conveniently along the Agios Georgios beach. The region is known for its ...Read more

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    Water Sport Clubs In Agios Georgios

    Tags: Entertainment, Water Sport, Skiing

    Address: Agios Georgios, Greece

    Timings: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    Water sports is intrinsic to the region of Agios Georgios in Corfu. If you are in the city during summer or spring, nothing beats exploring the waters with Jet-Skiing, Motor-boating, Wind-surfing, Kit...Read more

  8. # 8 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 31 times in trip plans
    Snorkelling And Diving In Agios Georgios

    Tags: Adventure, Snorkeling

    Address: Agios Georgios, Greece

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The beautiful coast of Agios Georgios and its neighboring towns have an unmatched marine life living in complete peace with its environment. When in the region, no experience can beat diving to the de...Read more

  9. # 9 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios
    Hotel Eleftheria Image

    Address: Perivolos Santorini 84703, Ag. Georgios 847 03, Greece

    Google Reviews
    Joanne Taylor

    Went to Santorini for my niece's wedding in September & the villas are amazing. The pool area is lovely & the food served at the bar, although it's only snack food, is all home cooked and fresh. The f...

    Read more
  10. # 10 of 10 Things To Do in Agios Georgios | Added 246 times in trip plans

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  • Νέο Φρούριο

    Historic and Protected Sites
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  • Μουσείο Ασιατικής Τέxνης

    Ανάκτορο Αγίων Μιxαήλ και Γεωργίου

  • Αχίλλειο


  • Μουσειο Σολωμου


  • Μουσείο Παλαιόπολης

  • Αρχαιολογικο Μουσειο Κερκυρασ


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  • Aqualand

    Amusement Parks
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  • Blue Heaven

    Restaurants Bars
  • Piedra Del Mar


    Bars Restaurants Entertainment
  • McDonald's

    Καποδιστρίου 44

    Fast Food Bars
  • Σαν Παραμυθι

    Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 40

    Middle Eastern Bars
  • Ακαματρα

    Προσαλένδου 8-10

  • Taverna Agni

    Bars Restaurants
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  • Sidari beach

  • Ποντικονησι

    Πέραμα Γαστούρι

  • Agios Stefanos Beach

    Άγιος Στέφανος

  • Παραλία Άγιος Στέφανος

    Παραλία Άγιος Στέφανος

  • Παραλία Αυλάκι

    Παραλία Αυλάκι

  • Pelekas Beach

    Παραλία Πέλεκας

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  • Ζωχιοσ & Σια Οε

    Κωνσταντά Πολυχρονίου 5

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Μαρτίνης Μιχαήλ Γ.

    Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου 32

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Θαλασσα

    Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 16Α

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Ψαρευω - Outdoor Action

    Κατσιμίδη Αν. Κέρκυρα

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Cressi - Mediterraneo Mare Ικε

    Βενιζέλου Ελευθερίου 32

    Hunting and Fishing
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  • Παλαιό Φρούριο Κέρκυρας

    Buildings and Structures
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  • Apraos Beach

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