Events and Festivals in Ajmer

  • The Festival of Colors is pan-India, and as fun here as anywhere else.
  • The annual Urs Festival is highly anticipated Sufi festival, held in the memory of Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti, the Sufi saint. Millions pilgrimage to Ajmer in May for six days of religious clapping, chanting. The exact dates depend on the moon.
  • The Muslim majority city also delights during late July or Early August. Everything is closed; there are parades and marches.
  • The newly established yet already ragingly popular International Sufi Festival held in November celebrates Sufi music, art and culture. Most performances are by dervishes (Muslim Monks), yet the theme is always cultural unity.
  • It doesn’t matter which Indian city you live in, Diwali, is celebrated with all it’s cracking splendour, EVERYWHERE!

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