How to Reach Ajmer


  • By Train: From Delhi, you can either take the overnight train Delhi-Ahmedabad Mail, or the quicker Ajmer Shatabdi Express. Udaipur and Jaipur are also connected.
  • By Taxi: Rental taxis from everywhere will charge either per km, or by hour or day.
  • By Bus: Jaipur is 90 minutes away if you take the Jaipur- Ajmer expressway; three hours otherwise. Buses to and fro from Pushkar leave from near the Jain Temple.


  • Most of Ajmer can be explored by merely walking around, especially the Durgah Bazaar and the Ana Sagar areas. Autorickshaws and cycle-rickshaws will take you around the rest of the place. The autowallas will certainly try to take you to Pushkar… they’re more expensive than the bus though.