How to Reach Akita


  • By Air: Akita Airport (AXT): Flights connect to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Sapporo. You can jet to the train station in the city from the airport by bus.
  • By Train: Akita to Tokyo by bullet train is about a 4 hour journey, owing mainly to the many stops in between: Ueno, Omiya, Sendai, Morioka Shizukuishi, Tazawako, Kakunodate, and Omagari. Seats have to be reserved.
  • By Bus: Various bus services operate to Yokohama, Shinjuku, Sendai and Tokyo.
  • By Ferry: The Shin Nihonkai goes to Otaru and Tomakomai in Hokkaido; and also to Niigata, Tsuruga and Maizuru.


  • By Foot: There are no trams and subways in the city, but most of the sites of interest aren't too far from the Train station, and can be reached on foot.
  • By Bus: Akita City buses offer an unlimited rides day pass which you can by at the JR Akita Station, though you won't usually need it. The buses run frequently on the main road of the city, but other neighborhoods will require long waits.
  • By Car: Rent one from an agency in the city. This is certainly the most convenient way to get around.
  • By Taxi: Get the number of a cab company and/or a taxi driver you'll come when you call. Be ready pay up.
Route Distance Time
Sakata to Akita 74.53 km 1 hour 14 mins
Hanamaki to Akita 116.23 km 1 hour 56 mins
Morioka to Akita 116.94 km 1 hour 56 mins
Saitama to Akita 327.57 km 5 hours 27 mins
Tokyo to Akita 343.37 km 5 hours 43 mins
Sabae to Akita 535.17 km 8 hours 55 mins
Quezon city to Akita 2753.55 km 45 hours 53 mins
Makati city to Akita 2759.6 km 45 hours 59 mins
Central district police service centre to Akita 3086.97 km 51 hours 26 mins
Hanoi to Akita 3931.25 km 65 hours 31 mins