Best Things To Do in Alajuela, Costa Rica

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  • Alajuela Cathedral: Alajuela’s most visited attraction, the Alajuela Cathedral stands out conspicuously with its white façade and beautiful artistic interiors. Don’t miss out on the painted gold leaf interior above the altar and the intricate frescos that grace the ceiling of the columns.
  • Parque Central: Located in the heart of downtown, Parque Central makes for a wonderful evening especially after you’ve spent the better part of the day sightseeing. Rife with mango trees and benches to bask in that shadow, the Parque Central is a popular haunt for both the weary tourist and the chirpy local.

Below we have a list of things to do in Alajuela and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Alajuela getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Alajuela with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Alajuela

Here is the list of things to do in Alajuela and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Arenal Volcano National Park

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    Arenal Volcano National Park

    Outdoors, National Park, Volcano

    A must visit tourist attraction of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano Park was established in the year 1991. Spread across an area of 12,080 hectares, the national park is part of the larger Arenal Conservation Area. Within the park, visitors can explore- Hiking the Arenal Volcano massif (Chato Volcano) Lava flow paths from the years 1968 and 1992 Volcanic activity Indigenous flora and fauna The t...Read more
  2. Doka Estate

    Coffee House, Volcano

    The Doka Estate is a coffee estate located on the slopes of Alajuela Poas Volcano. The coffee produced by the estate is one of Costa Rica's highest quality coffees. The rich soils of the volcanic slopes along with excellent climate contribute towards its taste. The estate belongs to Costa Rican Vargas Ruiz family and they are friendly enough to offer guided tours of their estate. ‘Fr...Read more
  3. Zoo Ave

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    Zoo Ave


    Located a little way off from Alajuela, the Zoo Ave is worth the drive. One of the best things about Zoo Ave is that the ticket proceeds go towards the rehabilitation of the premises and its inhabitants.Visited mostly for the zoo’s impressive repertoire of over 100 species of birds, enjoying the marvelous space of 14 hectares that’s been allotted to them. In addition to the impressi...Read more
  4. Tenorio Volcano National Park

    National Park, Hiking Trail, Adventure, Nature

    One of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets, the Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the country's youngest parks. Formed in the year 1995 to protect the Tenorio Volcano, the park features- Stunning river views Opportunities for wildlife adventures The beautiful and surreal Rio Celeste waterfall Hiking trails Unique to the area fauna and flora Natural hot springs Pack some snacks, a chang...Read more
  5. Juan Santamaria Historical Cultural Museum

    Art And Culture, History Museum, Exhibition , Heritage Building

    Named after a national hero ‘Juan Santamaria’, the historical cultural museum was opened in the year 1980. The mission statement of the museum reads, “recovery, custody, conservation and dissemination of the historical heritage of the heroic year 1856-1857 to keep alive in the collective memory of Costa Ricans, through various cultural events and also to promote cultural devel...Read more
  6. Alajuela Cathedral

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    Alajuela Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Visited for its white marble façade and gold painted leaf interior, the Alajuela Cathedral is among the top attractions of the city and quite reasonably so. The largest church of Alajuela, it continues to hold mass as well as attract droves of visitors- not at the same time of course! During the hours of the service, the church isn’t open to public viewing. The most interesting fea...Read more
  7. Souvenir Museum Verdes And Colores

    Art And Culture, Museum

    Opened in August 2010, the Souvenir Museum Verdes & Colores is a good place to visit if you want to get to know the culture of Costa Rica. At this museum, sincere and dedicated staff will explain to you the various handicrafts of Costa Rica and where and how they are produced (each region has a speciality). Being a souvenir museum, you can also buy the articles and artefacts on display. At ...Read more
  8. Botanical Orchid Garden

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    Botanical Orchid Garden

    Trail, Botanical Garden, Nature

    A habitat to hundreds of plants, the Botanical Orchid Garden in Alajuela will make you feel like you are stepping into Alice’s wonderland! Having serene and clearly marked walking trails, attractions within the garden include: Demo Nursery Showroom Laboratory Water gardens A must visit if you love orchids, gardens, botany and nature.
  9. Museo Juan Santamaria

    History Museum, Statue

    What served as an erstwhile prison and then an armory is now used as the National Historic Museum of Juan Santamaria. Detailing the life of a Costa Rican hero, the story of Santamaria is quite an interesting one. Giving up his life in a battle against a US citizen during his attempt to set up a slave trade at Costa Rica, the museum makes for a good visit if you’re in the area. The deeds o...Read more
  10. Alajuela Central Park

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    Alajuela Central Park

    Park, Leisure, Fountain

    Cool stone benches, grass as green can be and the welcoming shade of mango trees, it’s not uncommon to refer to Parque Central as Parque de los Mangos. A popular momentary getaway from the city life, Parque Central is frequented by both locals and tourists. The highlights of the park include a water fountain and a huge dome where the occasional outdoor concert is held. It is the perfect p...Read more
  11. Central Market


    Located in the heart of the city, the Central Market is as old as the city of Alajuela itself! It was established in the year 1782 and since then has been the place where locals as well as tourists go for their daily needs. Spread across 25,149 sq. ft., the market houses around 250 kiosks with different business activities like diners, butcheries, stores selling watches and clocks,  fish m...Read more
  12. Casino Fiesta

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    Casino Fiesta Image

    Casino, Entertainment, Adults

    Considered as the largest casino in Alajuela and one of the most popular one in the country, Casino Fiesta is a Las Vegas style destination consisting of thrilling games, live music and a casual and fun environment. The casino features all the games that you would generally expect including Caribbean Stud Poker, PaiGow, Canasta and more. Here at the Casino, you would be able to find gaming tabl...Read more
  13. Quinta Villa Andrea

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    Quinta Villa Andrea


    Quinta Villa Andrea is a spacious villa nestled amidst greenery and serenity and makes it the perfect place to organise a party. The villa consists of swimming pool with Jacuzzi, massive room for organising events, an area to play volleyball, a soccer field and much more. Be it business seminars or birthday parties, meetings or just about any other occasion, Quinta Villa Andrea with its fantast...Read more
  14. Freddo Aventura Rural

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    Freddo Aventura Rural Image


    Freddo Rural Adventure would take you on an unforgettable journey through paths that are full of splendours of nature, strawberry fields, Poas and Barva Volcanoes’ viewpoints and more. You would also get the chance to visit the Dairy and Craft Cheese Factory where you can meet the farm animals, try your hands at milking and get fresh cheese and more produces. Walk through the beautiful fo...Read more
  15. Juan Santamaria Park


    The Juan Santamaría Park is popularly known for housing the set of sculpture which honours the national hero, Juan Santamaría who was born in the city. The bronze statue stands tall over a pedestal and is flanked by cannons. Other than the statue, the park also has a playground and organises many events all throughout the year. Juan Santamaría Park is very well-maintained a...Read more