Best Time To Visit Alanya

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Best Time To Go To Alanya

Alanya experiences hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Due to such climate, most of the rainfall happens in winter rather than summer. Thus, the summer remains hot, dry and long for Alanya. If you are planning to visit Alanya, learn about its climate to understand as to when will be the best time to visit Alanya.

Spring (March to May): This coastal resort city experiences very pleasant climate in this season. During day hours the temperature usually stays around 17 degree Celsius. Sometimes in April it goes up to 20 degree Celsius. However, the nights are quite cool with temperature around 9 degree Celsius. Moreover, the rainfall also decreases in this season. This makes Alanya quite suitable for vacation. Added to this, the crowd is comparatively less. Hence, spring being off-season is perfect to visit. However, stay away from the sea as the water still remains cold in this season.

Summer (June to September): Summer is quite beautiful in Alanya. Though the temperature is quite high reaching upto 31 degree Celsius in July and August, the sea water becomes quite warm. Because of such high temperature, the day hours become longer and very less rainfall happens in this season. As a result, people get to enjoy a lot of water activities. No doubt, Alanya is a favorite destination for summer vacation.

Autumn (October to November): In Autumn, Alanya experiences plenty of sunshine. With moderate sea temperature, it becomes easy for tourists to enjoy swimming for long hours. However, soon rainfall arrives by late autumn, especially in the month of November. If rain doesn’t bother you, autumn can also be considered to visit Alanya.

Winter (December to February): winter is the wettest of all season as maximum rainfall happens during this part of the year. Hence, the least sunny days can be seen in this season. So, it is better to avoid the winters in Alanya.

Spring and autumn are obviously the best time to visit Alanya as you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of this resort city without getting bothered by over enthusiastic crowd. Other than this, summer is always there, but be prepared to face huge crowd.

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