Events and Festivals in Albufeira


  • New Years’ Day: January 1st is brought in with live music, fireworks and much merriment.
  • Paderne Medieval Festival: Early January, taking visitors on a trip down memory lane, all the way back to 14th-century Portugal with medieval music and special exhibitions.


  • Carnival Parade (Carnaval): With floats, costumes, dancing and a street-party atmosphere taking the Algarve to a frenzy of a roaring celebration. Loule is home to some of the most extravagant celebrations.


  • Easter (Pascoa): Late March / early April - Special Masses to mark Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday in accordance with religious observance.


  • Liberation Day / Freedom Day (Dia da Liberdade): April 25th, the community stages live music, entertainment, sport and fireworks catering to large crowds.


  • Labour Day: May 1st, celebrated in Paderne with a street fair and various exhibitions.
  • IberoVespa: The city hosts the largest gathering of Vespa enthusiasts in the whole of Portugal.


  • Balloons Meeting: Mid-June, approximately 20 hot-air balloons take to the skies ofAlbufeira. An evening 'Night Glow' also takes place at Fisherman's Beach.
  • Popular Parades: Thousands join processions for this popular summer event that includes traditional Portuguese cuisine and a concert.


  • BBQ Chicken Festival (Fiesta do Frango no Churrasco): A three-day Albufeira festival featuring plenty of barbecued chicken.
  • Handicrafts Fair (Feira de Artesanato de Albufeira): A nine-day event with traditional music and a range of cultural handicrafts on display.
  • Al-buhera Festival: Late July, a five-day cultural show, with handicrafts on exhibition and for sale, music and dance performances and delectable food to boot.


  • Folklore Festival: Held in Olhos de Agua in August, this interesting event goes on for several days.
  • Festival of Our Lady of Guia (Festa de Nossa Senhora da Guia): This begins with a special mass and culminates with a procession and live entertainment in the evening.
  • Festival of Our Lady of the Oracle (Festa da Ourada): August 14th, a real highlight, is a day for paying tribute to the patron saint of the fisherman, - -Nossa Senhora da Ourada. This is particularly significant as the old town of Albufeira has traditionally been a fishing village. A lengthy parade starting at the parish church and overlooking the seafront promenade culminates at midnight with fireworks illuminating the sky above the Praia dos -  - Pescadores(Fisherman’s beach).
  • Sardine FestivalL: Held in Olhos de Agua, a four-day period witnesses a seemingly endless supply of freshly cooked sardines at this festival.
  • Municipal Holiday: August 20th, the official holiday of Albufeira, with lots of entertainment, sporting events and a spectacular fireworks display at sunset.


  • Fisherman's Festival (Festa do Pescador): Held for two days at Fisherman's Beach, with plenty of fresh fish and fun activities for all ages.
  • Festival of the 'Beatified Vicente' (Festa do Beato Vicente): This festival honours the patron saint, with a special Mass, processions, evening entertainment and fireworks.
  • World Tourism Day: September 27th, the city is at its flamboyant best, showcasing all that it has to offer tourists.


  • Portuguese Republic Day: October 5th, a national holiday celebrating the founding of the republican government in 1910.
  • Guia Annual Fair (Feira da Guia): A traditional folk fair featuring handicrafts, jewelry and clothing for sale. A Great place for shopping in Albufeira!


  • Amateur Fado Contest: Held in late October, this involves several days' worth of traditional Portuguese folk songs, tinged with melancholic undertones.


  • Independence Day: On December 1st, the Portuguese celebrate the nation's independence with a day off from work and family gatherings.
  • Christmas (Natal): The entire month of December is festive, with Yuletide concerts, special Masses, processions and the sheer anticipation leading up to the New Year's Eve fireworks.

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