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If you have the wanderlust to roam around the ancient cities and explore the mysteries of the past, what better than visiting Egypt, the land of ancient history! And when you are in Egypt, what better than Alexandria, the ancient socio-cultural hub that will never fail to mesmerize you. The streets are now rejuvenated with a new charm but the glimpses of past prosperity are yet visible and silently peep through the old constructions and attractions.

This city is not only the country’s largest window onto the Mediterranean Sea, but also is a seaport which has paved a way for growth of the empires that ruled this city.

The founder of the city, Alexander the Great is a legendary name famous worldwide as the greatest warrior who ever lived. The city was the capital of Greco-Roman empire and had immense significance in the field of art, commerce and literature. With the presence of people from different empires and nationalities, Alexandria has a perfect blend of Greek, Egyptian and French cultures. The city is Egypt's leading port and one of the most popular tourist destinations with its humming beaches.

The city of Napoleon and Alexander has a lot in store for the tourist in you!

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