How to Reach Alexandria


  • By Plane: The Borge-el-Arab airport is the largest airport of Alexandria and serves flights mainly from the destinations in Middle-east and North Africa. Air Arabia and Egypt Air offers few direct flights to this city but the location of the airport is quite inconvenient. It is located at a distance of 45 kms from Alexandria and you have to opt for a taxi or a bus to get to the main city after you have landed. It is best to decide the taxi fares before getting to avoid extra expenditure. Only two daily buses in each direction of Alexandria are available and you have to find one that suits your schedule.
  • By Bus: You can pick up the bus of your convenience from Cairo, capital of Egypt where a number of international flights fly. A number of private bus companies offer Bus service for this 4 to 5 hour long trip and buses are available practically at every one hour from early morning to midnight. It is a pocket friendly way of commutation.
  • By Train: Alexander has a well-connected rail network with frequent trains from Cairo. Reservation well prior to the journey is recommended. This is the best way to get to Alexandria.
  • By Car: You can rent a car from Cairo to get to Alexandria and there are namely two routes for the same. It is a three hour long drive and you can also get a drive-yourself car.


The city is elongated in shape and local transportation available along the Corniche will take you almost everywhere you would want to go.

  • By Taxi: Alexandria has yellow and black taxis available cheaply and readily. Make sure you agree to a fare before you get in. You can also book a taxi for the entire day trip at a predecided rate.
  • By Tram: The tram system in Alexandria is not so fast yet extremely cheap if you are looking for a budget option. The yellow tram for tourists is the best one you can hop onto. The blue trams are reserved for Women. Tickets for the tram can be brought on board. You just need to be good at reading the route maps as it can get confusing at times.
  • By Bus: The city buses and the mini-buses are readily available and the bus service is the new and improved one. The drivers rarely speak English so it is better to know the Arabic name of your destination.