Best Things To Do in Alghero, Italy

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  • Anghelu Ruju Necropolis: Located just 9 km from the town of Alghero, this necropolis belongs to pre-neuragic civilization. There are around 37 tombs, some of which have been decorated with bull's heads. 
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria: This 16th-century cathedral has a Catalan-Gothic and Renaissance structure. Inside the cathedral you will be able to see peach-colored walls, 18th-century chapels, and impressive Baroque marble balustrades before the statue-filled high altar.
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art: Located in the former Rosario church, this museum exhibits African sacred paintings and art works.
  • Torre Di Porta Terra: The tower served as the main land gate entrance into the old city of Alghero. Today, it houses a bookshop on the ground floor, a virtual journey through Alghero’s history on first floor, and a top floor terrace which offers panoramic views of the city and harbor.


  • Grotta Di Nettuno: You can take boat tours which leave from the harbor for Capo Caccia and the breathtaking Neptune caves which embellish the cave lake with their 20m-long stalagmite and stalactite formatio.
  • Castelsardo: Located 70 km north of Alghero, this is a medieval town which houses the famous Elephant Rocks. The town is also famous for its delicacies such as sea urchin and lobsters.
  • Le Ragnatele Adventure Park: This outdoor adventure park is a fun visit for both adults and children. A perfect place to enjoy steel cables, Tibetan bridges, cable cars, ropes and ladders!
  • Diving: Endowed with crystal clear water, Sardinia is the perfect place for diving. Explore the marine life along with wrecks dating from Roman times as well as both World Wars.

Below we have a list of things to do in Alghero and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Alghero getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Alghero with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Alghero

Here is the list of things to do in Alghero and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Neptune's Cave

    4.3 (340 Votes)
    Neptune's Cave

    Cave, Geological Formation, Nature

    Come and visit the ‘fairytale underworld’ located right in the heart of CapoCaccia Cliffside. It is known as Neptune’s Cave. According to many travelers, this cave has been considered as the ‘jewel’ of the Mediterranean basin. Enter the cave and you get to see a different world filled with water pools, stalagmites and stalactites. The stunning beauty of the cave ha...Read more
  2. Bombarde Beach

    4.2 (350 Votes)
    Bombarde Beach

    Beach, Walking Area

    Another popular beach of Alghero, located just half a kilometer east of Lazaretto Beach. Its fine white sand, crystal clear blue water, dense pine forest shedding the beach makes it a perfect place for a day out. The shallow water near the coastline makes it safer for children to play in the water. The waves of the sea are perfect to enjoy activities like snorkeling and windsurfing. If the acti...Read more
  3. Maria Pia Beach

    Beach, Forest, Water Sport

    This 1200-meter Mariapia beach is a good destination to go for a hang out with your friends and families. The amenities, provided by the beach are – parking, sitting areas with umbrellas, bar, restaurant, and camping areas. The beach faces south-west comprising excellent scenic view of Fertilia. You will enjoy jogging as well walking along the wide shore of this beach. The beach holds woo...Read more
  4. Sea Walls

    Geological Formation, Memorial

    Built around the centro storico during 16th century, stands the famous Sea Walls of Alghero. The Sea Wall did play a significant role in the history of the city. It starts from Piazza Sulis from the south to Porta a Mare in the north. The wall is bordered with pedestrian path where you can stroll for some time to enjoy the magnificent view of Capo Caccia. At the northern tip of the path, stands...Read more
  5. Spiaggia Mugoni

    4.4 (330 Votes)
    Spiaggia Mugoni

    Beach, Water Sport, Sand Dunes

    Several kilometers long, Spiaggia Mugoni is one of the finest beaches of Alghero forming a sweeping arc and covered with fine colored sand. Its white sand and emerald colored water that always remain cool and calm even in summer months like August, make the beach a favorable spot for families to hang out. The thick wood pine trees along the beach shelter the sea, beautifies the beach. Children ...Read more
  6. Nuraghe Di Palmavera

    4.4 (338 Votes)
    Nuraghe Di Palmavera

    Outdoors, Village, Shopping Center, Nature

    Driving few kilometers away from Alghero and moving to the road leading to Porto Conte, the way will lead you to a 3500 year old village, popularly named as Nuraghic village. Walk around the village and at the center you will find the remaining of the castle that is surrounded by 50 other circular huts. The huts have almost collapsed with time. You might require stooping down a bit in order to ...Read more
  7. Spiaggia Torre Del Porticciolo

    Village, Walking Area, Club, Nature

    One of the hidden gems of Alghero, Torre del Porticciolo is a special treat to spend half a day with family and friends. Presently, it has a village, a camping site and destinations to organize events like wedding. The village is all stacked up with swimming pools, tennis courts, grounds for children to play and a mini club. If you are in a mood to spend an unforgettable summer afternoon, this ...Read more
  8. Cattedrale Di Santa Maria

    Church, Tower

    Also known as Alghero cathedral, it is considered as a Roman Catholic Church and used to be the seat of the bishop of Alghero during 1503 to 1986. Though the cathedral was already considered as a home for the bishop but its construction began from 1530. Later, it was opened in 1593 and finally in 1730, its construction came to an end. The church initially used to have Catalan-Gothic architectur...Read more
  9. Campanile

    View Point, Tower

    One of the most striking features of Cathedral of Santa Maria is its bell tower, known as Campanile. Around 20 meter height, the bell tower is made of sandstone, complemented with pyramidal spiral. It stands out among all the highlights of the city. The striking feature of the tower is its copper sphere with the cross, mounted on its top. The bell tower or Campanile is accessible through the go...Read more
  10. Anghelu Ruju

    4.3 (262 Votes)
    Anghelu Ruju

    Village, Historical Site

    Visit the largest necropolis of Sardania of pre-nuraghic age, named as Anghelu Ruju. Located near Nuraghic village, this historical site is a worth visiting place. History says, the site was accidently discovered in the year 1903 during the excavation for the construction of the farmhouse winery of Sella & Mosca. After the first appearance of this site, the excavation continued till 1967. I...Read more
  11. Chiesa Di San Francesco

    4.5 (253 Votes)
    Chiesa Di San Francesco

    Church, Statue

    One of the finest examples of Gothic architecture that still exists in Alghero is Chiesa di San Francesco. Originally built in Catalan Gothic design during 14th century, it was later renovated with Renaissance influence after it collapsed in 1593. The buttery sandstone used in building the church, the hexagonal barrel on the square base with a spire on the top adds up to the beautification of t...Read more
  12. Azienda Agricola Leda D'ittiri

    Food And Drinks, Dance Club, Disco, Resort

    Bring a twist to your trip to Alghero by visiting is this popular wine resort. Located outside the town this resort offers perfect wine tasting tour into the vineyards and olive groves of Alghero. The elegant ambience and the simplicity in its decoration have managed to attract tourists for most part of the year. For the wine testing tour, the owner of the resort personally escorts the visitors...Read more
  13. Le Ragnatele

    Park, Bridge, Food And Drinks, Adventure

    A perfect hangout destination for adults and children to spend a day doing adventures activities is how Le Ragnatele can be defined. The park offers nearly eight different types of adventurous courses. These courses are distinguished as red, green, yellow green (for adults) and orange, blue, red and punk (for children) depending on the difficulty level. Most of the adventures are tree top activ...Read more
  14. Lazaretto Beach

    4.4 (208 Votes)
    Lazaretto Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Water Sport, Tower

    Lies in the north-western side of Alghero, the beach falls in the coast area region named, Riviera del Corallo. The beach is around 300 meters long, filled with white sand. From the coast, you can see the city of Alghero, on the other side of the sea. You can walk around the beach or play with your kids without getting disturbed by any on-lookers. Towards south-east side of the beach, stands To...Read more
  15. Church Of St. Michael

    Church, Statue, Photo Gallery

    You will realize that you are near to the Church of St. Michael, the moment you see its colorful dome from a distant. The church was built in the second half of 17th century and it was designed by the architect Domenico Spotorno. The striking feature of the church is its dome, covered with bright colored tiles. You could see this colored dome in many of the paintings and photographs of Alghero....Read more