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  • Nagaon Beach: Situated on the shores of Arabian Sea, Nagaon Beach is one of the mesmerizing beaches that grace the Alibag belt in Konkan region, India.
  • Alibag Beach: This coastal town is known for its penultimate beauty and view of the Colaba Fort. A short boat ride from the beach will take you to this historical fort.
  • Janjira Fort: This mighty island fortress in the sea was once the pride of Murud Janjira, and was the stronghold of the Abyssinian Sidis who played an important part in the history of the city of Bombay, in the later part of the 17th century.
  • Kihim Beach: Known for its rocky beauty, this beach holds immense opportunities for people who wish to do surfing in Alibag.
  • Versoli Beach: Serving as a naval base of the Indian Navy, the Versoli beach is equally popular with the visitors due to its rocky stretches that make it perfect for water sports in Alibag.
  • Awas Beach: Known for its beautiful cottages, this beach is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a quiet and serene stay in Alibag.
  • Mandwa Beach: Long stretches of white sands make Mandwa beach a popular destination to visit in Alibag. This is also one of the most common weekend getaway destinations from Mumbai due to the ferry service that runs between gateway of India and Mandawa Port.
  • Akshi Beach: One of the quieter and secluded beaches in Alibag, Akshi Beach is a must visit for those who wish to see Konkan local life and people.
  • KanakeshwarDevasthan Temple: This is an old Shiva temple near Alibag that attracts a lot of pilgrims and visitors. In order to reach this temple, you will have to take 700-750 steps.
  • Undheri Fort: Although in ruins today, the Undheri was once constructed as a magnificent sea fort Siddi Qasam in 1680. Small sailing boats can be used to reach this sea fort, which is built on an island by the name ‘Undheri’.


  • Water Sports in Alibag: Apart from offering the scenic beauty to the travellers, Alibag is also famous for its watersports that keeps the enthusiasts engaged here. From S.C.U.B.A diving or kite boarding, sea kayaking or wakeboarding or just the plain old fashined jet skiis and bumper & banana rides, Alibag has all the options of water activities. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Alibag and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Alibag getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Alibag with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Alibag

Here is the list of things to do in Alibag and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Alibag Beach

    4.1 (345 Votes)
    Alibag Beach

    Beach, Leisure

    This is Alibag’s most prominent beach. Although crowded and lively, the beach has a serene and pleasant atmosphere. Scenic sunsets are the forte of this particular place. One can get the view of the magnificent Kolaba Fort from the beach. You can enjoy the cool breeze while sipping fresh coconut water. It is a perfect place to spend a small holiday away from city’s hustle and bustle...Read more
  2. Nagaon Beach

    4.2 (340 Votes)
    Nagaon Beach

    Beach, Waterfront, Walking Area, Food And Drinks

    It is the best beach to enjoy water sports in Maharashtra. You can enjoy variety of them, like water scooter, parasailing, banana boat ride, speed boating and many more. The beach also offers ample number of beach resorts and private bungalows wherein one can catch the magnificent view of the horizon over a delicious meal. The atmosphere is very lively on weekends. Kids will have a good time pl...Read more
  3. Murud Janjira Fort

    Historical Site, Architecture , Fort

    This is one of the most popular historical destinations around Alibag. Janjira covers the whole island that it was built upon. It looks like the Fort is standing on water. A boat will take you to the fort and the boatmen will then also act as your guides for the tour. The fort is historically very significant. History enthusiasts will have a good time here. Although the fort is abandoned and in...Read more
  4. Kihim Beach

    4.1 (274 Votes)
    Kihim Beach

    Beach, Picnic Spot

    This is one of the most popular picnic destinations around Alibag. The beach is surrounded by greenery and hence the scenery is breath-taking. The atmosphere is lively but there is enough space on this huge beach for you to make your own camp and enjoy a peaceful time. Children can go play in the shallow waters and adults can enjoy reading a book or just lay by themselves down on the silky beac...Read more
  5. Versoli Beach

    4.3 (234 Votes)
    Versoli Beach

    Beach, View Point, Entertainment, Leisure

    This is a very popular beach because of its close proximity to Alibag town (3kms). The atmosphere here is very lively as the beach is crowded by both the locals and tourists alike. There are rocky stretches of land and then there are stretches where you can easily go and take a dip in the shallow waters. The sand is white and the water is clean. The beach is huge and therefore even though its c...Read more
  6. Awas Beach

    4.4 (126 Votes)
    Awas Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Waterfront, Walking Area

    Awas beach is the most peaceful beach around Alibag. It is close to a popular beach called the Kihim beach, where most of the crowd likes to spend their time playing and bathing. This beach is for those who seek tranquillity and for those who need an excuse to slip into contemplation. The scenery is mind blowing. The sea is unending and on the other side, the shoreline is bedecked with the beau...Read more
  7. Mandwa Beach

    4.3 (87 Votes)
    Mandwa Beach

    Beach, Entertainment, Water Sport

    This is one of the most popular beaches and a lot of credit goes to Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bacchan’s film- Agneepath, in which the island is an important plot point. This beach is a lively place. There are loads of businesses that have opened up along the coastline, especially the many shops that will help you take some vacation souvenirs home. While the children can play safely, as ...Read more
  8. Akshi Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    This is one of the hidden gems. The beach is situated 6 kilometres from the town. Therefore it is the quietest and probably the cleanest beach around. You can lie down on the silky sand or you can indulge yourself in some swimming. Children will enjoy playing in the water and there are also horse cart rides for them to be ecstatic about. There are small eateries along the beach that serve snack...Read more
  9. Kanakeshwar

    4.6 (96 Votes)

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    This is one of the most famous Shiva Temples in India. It is situated on a hill near the village Mapgaon. The architecture is of Hoysala style. The temple was built a long time back in 1764. But its majesty is still intact because of the way it has been preserved. The climate on the hill is cool and the surroundings are scenic. Also, the hill is surrounded by a dense jungle. This provides touri...Read more
  10. Undheri Fort

    View Point, Historical Site, Entertainment, Fort

    This is one of the two popular sea-forts in Alibaug. It is built on the Undheri Island, 1 km into the Arabian Sea. The British and the Peshwas ruled from here but the fort was originally built by the SiddiQasam in 1680. The building is mostly in ruins but there are certain priceless souvenirs from the past that make this place a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The sunset view from here is h...Read more
  11. Vikram Vinayak Temple

    4.5 (58 Votes)
    Vikram Vinayak Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    This is one of the very popular temples in the Alibaug region. It is situated on a hill-top in the premises of the company VikramIsplat. It belongs to the prestigious industrial group- Birla. The temple is very well maintained and a treat to visit. The architecture is interesting and tasteful. The dominant ingredient used in its construction is white granite. The roof is made of transparent pol...Read more
  12. Lavish Antique Clocks

    Specialty Shop

    This is one of the most unique clock collections in India. 3 kilometres away from the town, this shop sells antique clocks to the connoisseurs of such tasteful art. There are more than 100 unique designs in collection. The staff members are friendly and patient as they guide you through the showroom. You can choose the décor that suits your house. The clocks are available in various diff...Read more
  13. Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Samadhi

    Historical Site, Monument, Cemetery

    This is the death-place of one of the bravest and earliest admiral officers of India- KanhojiAngre. This monument of a spot has both- a historical and a scenic significance. There are eight faces to the main monument an then there are the pillars. The carvings on the pillars have smudged away but the pillars still stand firm. The Samadhi is surrounded by a lot of greenery. You can rest on the b...Read more
  14. Kulaba Fort

    4.2 (161 Votes)
    Kulaba Fort

    Temple, Historical Site, Leisure, Fort

    The Kolaba Fort is one of the most popular and magnificent forts in the region. It is about 2 kilometres from the Alibaug shore. There are two major entrances- one faces the sea and the other faces the town.Most of the fort now lies in ruins, but that is because it is 300 years old. The historical significance of this place is that it was one of Shivaji Maharaj’s main naval centres. The f...Read more
  15. Korlai Fort

    4.4 (188 Votes)
    Korlai Fort

    Historical Site, Fort

    This is one of the most unique forts in India. It was built by the Portuguese almost 600 years back. It is situated on an island, in the town of Korlai. Although now the fort itself is mostly in ruins, the view of the beach and sea is breath-taking from up here. The climb to the fort is steep. Those are adventurous will love this trek that leads to the fort. The place is not very crowdedand is ...Read more
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    • Prophet Elijah's rock is a sacred rock where the prophet, it is believed, made some holy markings. The rock has an important place in the heart of Jews staying around who come here for "mannat" and get their desires fulfilled. It is one of the oldest religious structures in the surrounding, however, none knows about the exact date of its presence. You can come to Alibag and know more about it. 

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