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  • While the main motive behind visiting this abode is to relax and soak in the Kerala backwaters, there are many worth visiting attractions in and around Alleppey, one of them being the artistic Indian temples. Non-Hindus are allowed in the temples of Alleppey and you should always enquire in advance about the routine of the temples to make the most of it.
  • The Padnilam Parabrahma temple located on the eastern side is the one where you can not only visit but participate in the ceremonies and rituals even if you are not a Hindu. Located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the Alleppey, the Ambalapuzha temple festival of this temple is a reflection of Indian festivities and culture. A troop of five elephants carry the idol of Lord Krishna and the music accompaniment makes it more interesting. The rose palpayasam which is offered to the gods is a dish you must try out if you have a sweet tooth. The Sreekirishna Swamy temple, Ambalpuzha is also a worth visiting sight.
  • The place has a large population of Christian community. The St. Mary's Church is one of those 7 rare constructions believed to be built by St. Thomas.
  • Karmadi Kuttan is a 9th century construction of the statue of Buddha. It is a beautifully cavern piece in Black granite stone and is protected by the archeological survey of India.
  • To the North of the Allapuzha town is the Marari beach. It located in the place known as Mararikulam and is one of the most wonderful places in Alleppey. Besides the splashing sea waves and the sight it offers, the Mahadeva temple and Arthunkal church are also located near-by which you can visit.
  •  The main beach which is also the western edge of the town is a large beach where you could gaze at the setting Sun or enjoy a game of Volleyball or Frisbee. The Camel and pony rides are fun too.
  • The Snake Boat races are the specialty of Alleppey. Held on 2nd of August is a traditional boat riding competition known as The Nehru Trophy snake boat race. It is the most prestigious and scenic competition where the snake boats that carry around 100 people compete with each other to complete the prescribed distance in the lowest span of time. You can rent a boat to get a closer look and the colorful waters are picturesque.
  • You also plan a trip to the near-by temples of significance like Sree Nagaraj temple in mannarasala or the Sree subrahmonia Swamy temple, Haripad to enrich yourselves with the tranquility of Hindu tradition and culture.
  • The 18th century aesthetic palace of Krishnapuram is a worth visiting place at about 47 kilometers from Alleppey. 


  • Ride a House Boat: Known as Venice of the east due to the various canals that connect Kerala's backwaters, living on a house boat is one thing that you shouldn't miss out when in Alleppey.  The inlaid channels of Alleppey support the backwater tourism and a houseboat can be easily rented for 12 hours or even for few days. You can get a glimpse of the local culture by boarding a house-boat. The boats are available in multiple price range and you can also pick the hop-on hop-off service in remote areas where you share the house-boats. The house boats are accompanied by the driver and the cook. There is a vivid range of house-boats offering various facilities including an air-conditioner. The boats with rustic look lit by lanterns are a admirable option to get in tune with the tune of Kerala. You can relax in the middle of lake, slurp in the locally brewed Toddy (or taadi- an alcoholic drink made from coconut sap), munch the southern spiced grilled prawns and admire the birds that fly in the sky. Alleppey is a photographer’s paradise.
  • Visit the rice bowl of Kerala, Kuttanad where a unique way of underwater rice farming can be observed.
  • If you are not looking for a stay in a house-boat, you can also pick a boat ride that lasts for 3-4 hours. There are double-decker buses with multiple passengers or the shikaras for a private ride.
  • Pamper yourself with the heavenly experience of an Ayurvedic massage offered by various Spa and massage centers.
  • There are number of locally arranged activities like overnight Canoe trips, Ayurvedic massage trainings or yoga lessons that you can engage in. You can also rent a small boat and go on a fishing expedition if you wish. Also, you can visit the coir manufacturing industries which are the specialty of Alleppey.
  • You can never get enough of those pretty beaches of Alleppey. You can relish the Indian filter coffee at the coffee house or snack on the roadside stalls. Swimming is not ideal as the currents are strong, but there are some private resorts where you can splash and swim.
  • Try out the various south Indian delicacies with the famous steamed rice, the staple food of the surrounding. The mixed cultures of Hindus and Christians have bloomed to give Alleppey a unique cuisine with the blend of both. The sea-food and the bakery items are particularly relishing.

Below we have a list of things to do in Alleppey and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Alleppey getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Alleppey with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Alleppey

Here is the list of things to do in Alleppey and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Marari Beach

    4.4 (6003 Votes)
    Marari Beach

    Beach, View Point, Resort

    The Marari Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in India. It is located in a quiet village known as Maraikulam. Its closeness to the capital city Kochi makes it a very popular tourist attraction. Many beach resorts and home stays serve as beautiful places to spend a day or two here. The main resort here is the Marari Beach Resort. The others include, Turtle Beach Resort, Carnoustie Beach ...Read more
  2. Ambalapuzha Shree Krishna Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Festival

    The Ambapuzha Shree Krishna Temple is supposed to have been built during the 15th – 17th century by the local ruler called Chembakasserry Pooradam Thirunal Devanarayanan Thampuran. The major attraction here is the ‘payasam’ or the delicious pudding made with rice and sweetened milk which is popular among many Hindus. An interesting mythological legend says that every day when ...Read more
  3. Alappuzha Beach

    Beach, Light House, Park, View Point

    One of the best beaches in India, the Allappuzha beach is also one of the well-maintained beaches. Originally a historic port, you can still observe the remains of the sea-bridge that enabled the passage of goods. The beach is best observed during the Sunset. There is a small park for kids and you can enjoy extensive views of the lighthouse. Home to vibrant festivals like the annual Alappuzha b...Read more
  4. Kerala Kayaking

    4.5 (3594 Votes)
    Kerala Kayaking

    Water Sport, Boating

    One of the best tour operators in Alleppey and also one of the oldest, Kerala Kayaking offers exciting range of activities to explore the pristine backwaters of Kerala. Be it a canoe ride, a motorboat tour, a kayaking expedition or a laid-back house-boat extravaganza, Kerala Kayaking is the best pick for a perfect backwater exploration.
  5. Haripad Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Visit one of the oldest temple of Kerala that has gained its popularity not only within the state but beyond its geographical boundary. History says that this temple is around 3500 years old and was established by Lord Parashurama. Popularly known as Dakshina Palani (Palani of south), this temple is devoted to Lord Subrahmanya. As you wander around the temple premise, you will come across many ...Read more
  6. Mannarasala Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Amongst all the places of serpent worship in India, there is no match for the Mannarasala Shri nagaraja Temple. It is a legendary temple that is said to have been blessed by Lord Parasurama himself. Lord parasurama is said to be the creator of Kerala. This temple is renowned to bless couples who do not have children. Many couples come here and perform the rare rituals and offer this to the Lord...Read more
  7. Revi Karunakaran Museum

    4.2 (5430 Votes)
    Revi Karunakaran Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum

    A family collection museum built in the memory of Revi Karuna Karan- a prominent coir industrialist and art enthusiast. The museum houses the art collection maintained over three generations and includes silverware, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones and furniture. Home to the world’s largest private collection of Swarovski crystals, the museum is spread over 28,000 square feet a...Read more
  8. Alappuzha Lighthouse

    Beach, Light House, Bridge, Historical Site

    Situated near the sea bridge and the Raja Kesavdas swimming pool, this mighty lighthouse dates back to 150 years. It served as the path guider for the ships that frequented Alleppey, a then busy business port. Its construction began in the rule of Travancore King, Marthanda Varma-Ii and was completed in the rule of King Rama Varma. The structure is cylindrical in shape and has alternate red and...Read more
  9. St. Marys Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church, Champakulam

    Church, Religious Site

    Champakulam Kalloorkadu St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church is an ancient church in Kerala. It belongs to the Syro- Malabar Church and is under the supervision of Changanacherry. This is the Mother Church of almost all Christian churches in Alleppey and is also called Champakulam Vallia Palli locally. It is believed to have been built in the early 5th century. This church has b...Read more
  10. St. Andrew's Basilica Arthunkal

    Church, Religious Site, Festival

    Located in Arthunkal, this basilica is attributed to the Portuguese missionaries of the 16th century. A major pilgrim centre located right on the beach, it is known for its miraculous healing properties. A serene place to be, it brightens up even more during the Perunnal festival.
  11. Mullakkal Rajeshwari Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Located in the heart of the city, this temple is one of the popular holy shrine of Alappuzha city. The name ‘Mullakkal’ means ‘Jasmine Flower’ in Malayalam. History says that Goddess Raja Rajeshwari (the other name of Goddess Durga) appeared at this spot to take care of this jasmine flower. That’s why, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Two major Hindu fest...Read more
  12. Andhakaranazhi Beach

    4.2 (6379 Votes)
    Andhakaranazhi Beach

    Church, Beach, Light House, Walking Area

    A pristine haven, this is one of the best beaches in South India. Beautiful water overlooking a panorama of coconut grooves, this beach is a drive away from Alleppey. A stunning church and a towering lighthouse adorn the beach. The best part of this beach is it still devoid of tourist crowd. This helps in keeping the beach clean. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a day out with family or ...Read more
  13. International Coir Museum

    4.4 (474 Votes)
    International Coir Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    This museum is the first of its kind in the world. A tour into this museum will educated you about the technological advancement in the coir sector. Numerous products and artefacts, made out of coir are put on display to inform visitors about the different achievement of this industry. This museum is said to be a successful attempt by Coir Board to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this sector....Read more
  14.'s Forane Church

    4.6 (2395 Votes)'s Forane Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Dating back to 1810, this is a church dedicated to St. George. Resembling the churches of medieval Europe, the church is an important destination for Christian as well as non-Christian pilgrims. Built when Father Thomas Olakkapady was the vicar of the area, the church is known for its miraculous prayers that help in healing mental disorders. The annual fest is held in the month of May.
  15. Chakkulathukavu Temple

    4.6 (61 Votes)
    Chakkulathukavu Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Festival

    Located slightly away from the city, this beautiful temple also deserves a visit. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. According to the locals, this temple has a history of over 3000 years. The best fact about this temple is its location. On either sides of the temple river Pamba and Manimala flows which makes the ambience more serene and beautiful. Festival like Pongal is celebrated in ...Read more