How to Reach Almaty

To travel in Almaty you can use Local transport, public transport, bus and tram.

Public transport:

This city has a big network of bus, tram routes and since the fares are also affordable but they get crowded. Further if u have baggage and running out of time the taking a taxi is a good option availabe to you.

 Here is some information on the routes of bus:

Bus 29: Pushkin, kaldayakov, dostyq ,Butakovka.

Bus 35: Abay to central stadium.

Bus 63: zelyony bazar to saina

Bus 139: zelyony bazr to zhandosov.

You can also go for Marshrutka 520, Trolleybus1-2, trolleybus 11-12 and the trolleybus 19.

Bus and tram:

From sayran bus station  buses no 94, 166, 37 run to the center.Number 94 and 166 goes to north on Qonaev to gorky park.

Marshrutkas 526 and 537 and buses number 29, 32, 37, and 492 passes the route of sayakhat you just wait for the bus coming for Sayakhat facing head to the right direction.