Events and Festivals in Almora

  • January: Uttraini Festival Bagheshwar: LaxmiChanderected this temple and it has been a revered shrine since then. Merchants gather in this fair to sell and exchange goods. It continues for a week.
  • Holi: It is the most colourful festival in Almora and everyone stops working for a while and participates in this joyous festival.
  • April: DwarahatMela: A Baisakhimela is the best fun festival ever! DwarahatMela takes place at Dwarahat where a cluster of temples is situated.
  • August: JageshwarMoonsoon festival: The mandir of Jagnath is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Shiva. This festival of lord shiva is very important to the locals.
  • September: Nandi Festival: Celebrating the family godess of the chands, the nanda Devi festival continues for five days and thousands of people gather at Almora.
  • October: Dussara Festival: Effigies of Ravan are burnt in every Mohalla and sweets are distributed on that day. Work this into your Almora trip planner.
  • DoonagiriMela: A little further from Ranikhet there is an ancient Durga temple. A huge fair is organized to celebrate the Mata.
  • November: Gananath Fair: Gananath which is 47 kms from Almora is famous for its natural landscape. Childless couples come here on the occasion of KarthikPounima to offer blessings to the lord in hope of a child.
  • December: Christmas: Christmas is celebrated in the area with a lot of food and prayers are offered at the churches.

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