Events and Festivals in Alwar

  • February- The Alwar Festival: The Alwar festival is a celebration of the Rajasthani music and folk arts. It commences on the 13th February and goes on for 3 days.
  • Makar Sankranti: The prickly pleasant winter is welcomed by people of Alwar with Makarsankranti. New clothes, parties and religious pujas, it is the time to celebrate the winter harvest.
  • March- Holi: How can this beautiful, vibrant city not lighten up during the festivals of colours? Alwar citizens, irrespective of their age gather in large numbers and enjoy smearing each other with dozens of colours.
  • July- Eid: Delicious food, beautiful processions and inviting friends and family for some laughter exchange, Eid is the day of sharing joy.
  • August- Sawan Teej: On this occasion, people pray to Goddess Parwati and celebrate the arrival of the rains. Beautifully decorated swings are hung everywhere and sweets songs about the rain fill the atmosphere.
  • September- Ganeshostav: Ganesh Festival is one of the celebrations in Alwar which takes place for 10 days in September.
  • October- The Matsya Festival: The Matsya festival is a part of Alwar’s identity. Adventure sports, traditional games, exchange programmes with people of different states are some of the features of the Matsya Festival.
  • Dassehra: After nine days of fasting and calmness, The 10th day after Navaratri bursts up with all the flavours that Alwar has to offer. This is a time of merriment and joy.
  • November- Bhai Duj: Bhai Duj is an event during the five days of Diwali that celebrates the sacred bond of a sister and brother. It is an important festival in Alwar.
  • December- New Year’s Eve: 31st December has become a trend in the past decade. Families and friends gather together and welcome the New Year with happy spirits.

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