How to Reach Amalfi


  • By Air : There are no direct flights to Amalfi. Nearest airport is at Naples, approximately 60 kilometres away from the Amalfi Coast. From the airport, SITA coaches are cost effective and efficient way to reach to the town.
  • By Train : Amalfi is well connected to the neighbouring towns and further by two important railway stations – one at Salerno and other at Sorrento. From the station, hop on to SITA bus to reach Amalfi.
  • By Bus : Buses to and from Amalfi and all over the Amalfi coast are well connected by SITA bus. Tickets need to be bought in advance from cafés and other shops which have a display sign of ‘tabacchi’ and/or SITA logo. Alternatively, tickets can be bought from SITA office located at Salerno railway station. Do remember to punch your ticket as you get onto bus. Passengers failing to do so attract a fine.
  • By Boat : Reaching Amalfi by boat, although seasonal, is one of the best ways as visitors get a fantastic view of the endless sea on one side and Amalfi coast on the other. Ferry services start from Easter until October. Apart from Metro del Mare and Coop Sant’Andrea, there are many private operators as well. Get to MoloPennello or at Divina Costiera – an important pier and an information centre respectively for buying ferry tickets and to obtain other information like schedule. 


  • By Foot : Explore the city at your own pace on foot without the rush of reaching to next destination.
  • By Bike and Car : This option applies only to those who know riding/ driving really well as the roads get narrow at various occasions. But then who said good things comes easy? Visitor will be well rewarded with some of the stunning views and also access the places which are otherwise not covered if you are on a bus.