15 Best Things To Do in Amarillo

 Amarillo, a vibrant city of Texas in United States is a perfect place to visit if you want to know about the Old West in America. The local flora and fauna are worth witnessing here. There are historical sites and museums that are worth a visit and that will be quite knowledgeable too, even if you are traveling with family and kids, or with friends.

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 Lovely art galleries and amazing eateries make this place a perfect tourist destination. However, if you are keen to explore a number of activities here, we have a list of activities that you can best pursue when you are in the city.

Let's explore Amarillo points of interest and 15 best things to do in Amarillo:

1. Gaze the Birds When You are at Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is one of the most beautiful destinations that you can go for in the whole country as the park is amongst the top ten parks in the country. You will love the outdoors here and can try hiking, biking, and horse riding. Along with so many activities to explore, you can also engross yourself watching birds as there are a great number of indigenous species of birds that you can see here. Nature has blessed this place and you can find plenty of wildlife here. 

2. Get to TEXAS- The Musical that Depicts History in its Own Unique Manner

This is a place with altogether a unique experience as you get to know about the state of Texas in musical form. This place tells the story of Texas from the history and politics dating back to the early days to the present. You can witness amazing storylines being performed here for the last 50 years.

3. Take a Walk Through the Culture and Arts at Amarillo Little Theatre

This is an amazing place to be if you want to have a walk through the culture and the arts. This place is known to be the oldest and longest continuously open theatre in the United States. This is a place where you can take your kids too.

4. Attend the Opera Show at Amarillo Opera

Do not miss on visiting Amarillo Opera if you are a music lover. Amarillo Opera is being performed since 1988 and has over 75 members in the team. People visiting the city come here as it is a lovely place to be at and more than 500,000 people attend the show every year. 

5. Explore your Painting Skills at The Cadillac Ranch

This is a fun attraction in Amarillo as Cadillacs are stuck in the farmer’s filed here standing artistically in a row. What you will love doing is that you can grab a spray paint can and create your own graffiti on the cars, thereby making you an artist. You can choose the colors you want and paint them the way you want and explore the artist in your own self. Kids can also be taken to this place as they can climb on the cars, get into the interiors, and paint however they feel like. 

6. Take a Visit to Early America at US Route 66

US Route 66 is a perfect place to hit when you want to have a throwback to the early age of how road trips used to be in America. You can always find restaurants and unique shops that are also made in a manner that you will always get fun vibes. You will also be able to spot historical buildings here and antique stores. There are even some bars and restaurants that have live music too.

7. Enjoy the Vintages at Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum

This is a museum which is completely dedicated to vintage RVs. You will be able to find many interesting models here like the Oldest Fleetwood, the first Itasca motorhome, and the flexible bus that was shown in the movie RV. This is a great place to be at if you have a keen interest in exploring the vintage, which is always classy.

8. Spend a Day at American Quarter Horse Heritage Center & Museum

This is a museum dedicated to the photographs and paintings of the horses that were honored as members of Hall of Fame. It also displays horseback riding. You will also be able to be a part of the interactives that tell you about horse anatomy and riding. 

9. Amazing Plants at Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Spread in the area of 4 acres, this place features plants that are native to Texas and also has a conservatory that has plants from around the world. The docent-guided tours need to be arranged a week before the visit and there are even many educational programs related to plants and gardening. 

10. Enjoy Fun Activities at Palo Duro Canyon State Park

It is a popular area that visitors hit for hiking, camping, biking, and horse riding. There is a 16-mile round trip drive that lets you witness 150 campsites and many hiking trails. This is a big area which is approximately 120 miles long, 20 miles wide, and 800 feet deep. You will be able to witness the panoramic views of the park from many places and hence it comes out to be a great place to visit when you are in Amarillo.

11. Get Drenched into Art at Amarillo Museum of Art

Amarillo Museum of Art is open to public free of cost and has a great collection of art from around the world. You will be able to witness that the artwork is majorly from the Far East and hence displays Buddhist and Hindu pieces of arts too. People find this place worth a visit and is an overwhelming place to go if you are inclined towards art and want to get some information about the same.

12. Witness the Exotic Wildlife at Amarillo Zoo

Witness the exotic wildlife at Amarillo Zoo that makes a perfect outing. Here you will be able to see tigers, lions, foxes, bears, kangaroos, bobcats, and monkeys. You can witness amphibians, reptiles, spiders, and pythons here and is a great place to come when you are with kids too. It is a perfect getaway to go for with family and get a glimpse of wildlife.

13. A Day Retreat at Wonderland Amusement Park

It is an amusement park made in a quirky way and has been operating since 1951. There are many rides and attractions that you will love exploring. Get to the miniature golf course, traditional amusement park rides, and water rides that are a mixture of thrill and fun. There are roller-coasters too and when you are with kids, this is the perfect place to visit as it even includes boats, train, and many other rides for kids.

14. Get Overwhelmed with Bill's Backyard Classics

Get an unforgettable experience of seeing the classic cars. You can see more than 100 classic cars and trucks that are the models from 1920 to 2012. If anyone has a thing for old cars, this place will be astonishing and lovely to visit as the models include street rods, Smart Cars, Corvettes, military Jeeps, Power Wagons, and many more. You will be charged only $10 and will be able to witness the amazing classics which is surely worth the money that you pay. 

15. Taste the Best When you are in Town

You can always witness the good food when you are here. No matter what cuisine you want to try, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Pizzas, and everything is available. Some of the known places where you can find the authentic local cuisine are Tyler's Barbecue, Coyote Bluff Café, El Bracero Mexican Grill, and many more.

Pack your bags and make your way towards Amarillo that offers to you amazing art options and old classic buildings that are a perfect retreat to anyone. Kids and friends, anyone is welcome to this enthralling place.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Amarillo, Texas

Must see places in Amarillo ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Amarillo and point of interests to visit.

  1. Cadillac Ranch And Second Amendment Cowboy

    #1 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Cadillac Ranch And Second Amendment Cowboy

    Tags: Sculpture

    Address: I-40 Frontage Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124, USA

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Cadillac Ranch and Second Amendment Cowboy Created by  Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels in 1974, the Cadillac Ranch and Second Amendment Cowboy is one of the most prominent attractions ...Read more

  2. Jack Sisemore Traveland

    #2 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Jack Sisemore Traveland

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 4341 Canyon Dr, Amarillo, TX 79110, USA

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Are you a travel junkie? Or are you fascinated with campers and motorcycles? Well, then Amarillo has something in store for you! The Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum in Amarillo is a place you should...Read more

  3. Route 66 Historic District

    #3 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Route 66 Historic District

    Tags: Shopping Center, Neighborhoods , Nightlife

    Address: Amarillo, TX 79106, USA

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Every tourist destination has a shopping attraction and Amarillo is no exception. A place which will allow you to take back a part of Amarillo on  your way back, that’s Route 66 Historic Di...Read more

  4. American Quarter Horse Hall Of Fame

    #4 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    American Quarter Horse Hall Of Fame

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 2601 I-40 East, Amarillo, TX 79104, United States

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Love horses? Well, then there is a place in Amarillo which is dedicated to the quarter horses. The American Quarter Horse Heritage Center & Museum is one such place which tells you some unknown fa...Read more

  5. Amarillo Zoo

    #5 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Amarillo Zoo

    Tags: Zoo

    Address: 700 Comanchero, Amarillo, TX 79107, USA

    Timings: 09:30 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Museums, shopping centres, natural attractions, beaches are some of the mainstream attractions you’ll get to see in a tourist destination. And another such attraction is a zoo. Amarillo has this...Read more

  6. Don Harrington Discovery Center And Helium Monument

    #6 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Don Harrington Discovery Center And Helium Monument

    Tags: Museum, Children Museum, Monument, Exhibition

    Address: 1200 Streit Dr, Amarillo, TX 79106, USA

    Timings: 09:30 am - 04:30 pm Details

    Love science? Have got the curiosity for different types of inventions? Then, visiting Don Harrington Discovery Center is a must! A perfect place to take your kids in order to entertain and enlighten ...Read more

  7. Wonderland Park

    #7 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Wonderland Park

    Tags: Amusement Park

    Address: 2601 Dumas Dr, Amarillo, TX 79107, USA

    Timings: 01:00 pm - 10:00 pm Details

    Want to add a tinge of thrill and adventure to your Amarillo trip? Then a visit to Wonderland Park can be a good option. The park is well maintained, nice and very well organised. The park has some in...Read more

  8. Amarillo Botanical Gardens

    #8 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Amarillo Botanical Gardens

    Tags: Botanical Garden

    Address: 1400 Streit Dr, Amarillo, TX 79106, USA

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Plan a date with nature by visiting an incredible tourist attraction in Amarillo, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Take a break and pause from the bustling life of city and spend some quality time with...Read more

  9. Texas Air & Space Museum

    #9 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Texas Air & Space Museum

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 10001 American Dr, Amarillo, TX 79111, USA

    Timings: 10:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    The Texas Air & Space Museum is another science based museum in Amarillo. But this one is different as it features the world of astronomy. The museum has a range of varied military and civilian ar...Read more

  10. Bill's Backyard Classics

    #10 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Bill's Backyard Classics

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 5309 S Washington St, Amarillo, TX 79110, USA

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The Bill's Backyard Classics is one attraction in Amarillo which will take you back in time. This is a museum dedicated to the vintage cars which are nothing but beauties on wheels. Cars ranging from ...Read more

  11. Kwahadi Museum Of The American Indian

    #11 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Kwahadi Museum Of The American Indian

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 9151 I-40, Amarillo, TX 79118, USA

    Timings: 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm Details

    America has people from different countries who have migrated and settled here. And hence, they’ve imbibed their respective cultures in the native American one. Amarillo also celebrates these di...Read more

  12. Harrington House

    #12 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Harrington House

    Tags: Museum

    Address: 1600 S Polk St, Amarillo, TX 79102, USA

    Timings: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm Details

    When in Amarillo, in addition to museums that’ll take you back in time there is also a classic American house named Harrington House. The house is giant, is located amidst great surroundings and...Read more

  13. Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

    #13 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

    Tags: Leisure, Nature

    Address: 2301 N Soncy Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124, USA

    Timings: 07:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Another attraction in  Amarillo which will take you closer towards nature. A place which will help you to pause for a bit from the tiring journey and enjoy some calm time. The Wildcat Bluff Natur...Read more

  14. John Stiff Memorial Dog Park

    #14 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    John Stiff Memorial Dog Park

    Tags: Outdoors, Park

    Address: SW 48th Ave & Bell, Amarillo, TX 79109, USA

    Timings: 05:00 am - 11:59 pm Details

    Are you a dog lover? Do you prefer dogs over humans? Then, Amarillo has a dog friendly place which will bring out the dog lover in you. A free of charge dog park named John Stiff Memorial Dog Park is ...Read more

  15. Amarillo Little Theatre, Inc.

    #15 of 648 Things To Do in Amarillo
    Amarillo Little Theatre, Inc.

    Tags: Stage Show, Theatre

    Address: 2019 Civic Cir, Amarillo, TX 79109, USA

    Timings: 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Details

    Love theatre? Love musicals? Adore plays? Or are you fascinated by both? Then ditch a movie plan with your pals or family and enjoy an enigmatic play presenting in the Amarillo Little Theatre, during ...Read more

Tourist Attractions Near Amarillo

Find Your Amarillo Attractions on Map

Top Amarillo Activities And Tours

Explore the best things to do in Amarillo. These are the most preferred tourist activities.

  • Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum Admission
    Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum AdmissionNew on TripHobo

    Duration: Flexible

    Where else can you cover 26,000 square miles in a day on foot? From dinosaurs to conquistadors, you'll find it all in Texas' ...

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Find more places to see in Amarillo

  • Santa Fe Building

    900 S Polk St

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Mary E Bivins Foundation

    2311 W 16th Ave

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Potter County Courthouse and Library

    501 S Taylor St

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Amarillo-City of, Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, Airport Police Department

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Jons-Gilvin House

    Historic and Protected Sites
  • Shelton-Houghton House

    Historic and Protected Sites
View On Map
  • Don Harrington Discovery Center

    1200 Streit Dr

  • Texas Air & Space Museum

    10001 American Dr

  • American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum

    2601 E Interstate 40

  • Amarillo Botanical Gardens

    1400 Streit Dr

  • Amarillo Museum of Art

    2200 S Van Buren St

  • Amarillo Museum of Natural History

    2201 S Washington St

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  • Wonderland Amusement Park

    2601 Dumas Dr

    Amusement Parks
  • Gold Star Ii Bingo

    3506 Spade Dr

    Amusement Parks
  • Skate Plex

    9721 S Coulter St

    Amusement Parks Arcades
  • Lawndale Bingo

    3520 SE 27th Ave

    Amusement Parks
  • Lights Off Golf

    7701 W Interstate 40

    Amusement Parks Arcades
  • Splash Amarillo

    1415 Sunrise Dr

    Amusement Parks Restaurants
View On Map
  • Chili's Grill & Bar

    5016 S Coulter St

    American Bars
  • Chili's Grill & Bar

    3810 W Interstate 40

    American Bars
  • Aspen Creek Grill

    4110 W Interstate 40

    American Bars
  • Rumors

    1500 SW 10th Ave

    Bars Burgers
  • Bracero's Mexican Bar & Grill

    2822 SW 6th Ave

    Mexican Bars
  • Buckles Lounge

    6800 E Interstate 40

    Bars Restaurants
View On Map
  • High Plains Bingo

    3701 Plains Blvd

    Casinos and Gaming
  • Casino Tours

    6602 Slater Cir

    Casinos and Gaming
View On Map
  • Southeast Park

    2500 SW 46TH Ave

    Dog Parks
View On Map
  • Twin Willows Bait & Tackle

    2201 SE 114th Ave

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Peak Experience

    1123 Broadmoor St

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Filet Friend

    141 Bayshore Dr

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Top of Texas Hunting

    120 Circle View Dr

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Feathered Skies Outfitters

    13308 Durango Dr

    Hunting and Fishing
  • Mad Man Lures

    614 N Polk St

    Hunting and Fishing
View On Map
  • Amarillo Civic Center

    401 S Buchanan St

    Music and Show Venues Stadiums and Arenas
  • Dick Bivins Stadium

    800 S Marrs St

    Stadiums and Arenas
  • Kids Sportsplex

    2201 SE 27th Ave

    Baseball Stadiums and Arenas
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  • Vetrins of Forein Wars

    Monuments and Memorials
View On Map
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