Events and Festivals in Amiens

Amiens is like a land of festivals, with events taking place every single month of the year. So, whenever you plan your trip, it is sure that you get to witness at least one of their celebrations.

  • January: Festival Tendance Europe, a festival dedicated to contemporary creation, including dance, music, arts, theatre etc. is held this month.
  • February: Salon des Antiquaires is a reputed festival held at Megacity every year.
  • March: Festival du jeu et de l'imaginaire is a festival dedicated to board games, card games, video games, role plays, etc. You’ll have a lot of fun-filled things to do at this festival.Salon du chocolat et gourmandises en Picardie, a chocolate themed food festival is also held in March. The festival involves parades, contests and several other activities related to chocolate.
  • April: Grande réderie de printemps, a trading and market festival is held every year.
  • May: A word festival, called Leitura furiosa is conducted in May. It involves calligraphy, typography workshops and other writing related events.
  • June: The international festival of street theatre, also known as “Fête dans la ville” or the “street is in Amiens” is a theatre festival held in June.
  • June-July: Foire de la Saint Jean, the largest fun-fair in Northern France takes place for three weeks between June and July.
  • June-September: A three month long music concerts and events, Un été en musique is hosted by Amiens.
  • August: Défi Jules Verne, also known as Montgolfiade is a festival celebrating the first balloon fight.
  • September: Fête au bord de l'eau, a traditional festival with medieval camps, water and street parades, water events and a lot of activities to do. It is held in September every year.
  • October: Grande réderie d'automne, the autumn edition of the trade festival takes place in October. There’s also a street art festival that is hosted by the city this month.
  • November: One of the five largest film festivals in France, Amiens International Film Festival is conducted in the month of November.
  • December: Christmas Market of Amiens is the largest Christmas market in Northern France attracting more than a million visitors annually.

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