How to Reach Amman

Being the capital of Jordan, Amman is very well connected. It can be reached by all modes of transport easily.


  • By air: The Queen Alia International Airport is the gateway to Aman by air. You can obtain Visa on arrival at the airport, western visitors especially. You can get to the city by a taxi.
  • By road: The bus network in Amman is really good, with fairly understandable English interfacing.  The Tabarbour bus station, Abdali bus station and the JETT bus station have the most frequented buses. If you plan to travel otherwise, beware of private cars that pose as taxis.
  • By rail: There are local services that run from Amman to Zarqa, through the Hedjaz Jordan Railway. Don’t miss the city’s cutesy railway station called the Mahatta for its museum.


Despite being the capital city, you might be in for a big surprise to see that getting around Amman is a little tricky. Evolving constantly, the landmarks and directions have not maintained consistency. Thus, there are high chances of confusion as to roads and landmarks.

  • By car: You can rent a car from one of the many car rental services here. However, insist on negotiating a price. Some may also offer a free driver on renting a car. Carrying an extra liability insurance is necessary as you do this.
  • By taxi: Yellow and grey taxis are the most reliable taxis. To get one, just hail a hand like the locals. These are readily available on most streets. Shared taxis, white in colour, are available too. Again, beware of drivers pretending to have no change, they are most likely to just draw more than the tariff.
  • By bus: Public transport in the form of municipal buses is the perhaps the best way to see around. These serve most parts of the city.
  • On foot: Not the best way to explore Amman, given its not-so-pedestrian-friendly being. The topography is the main reason for this, along with absence of pavements to walk on.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Amman. The most preferred mode of transport in Amman is Car.

Average distance: 19.35 km Average time: 45.07 min

  • Car 75%
    Driving 38.82 min Walking 2.09 min Overall average time for 19.64 kms 40.91 min
  • Walking 5%
    Walking 31 min Driving 10 min Waiting 6.67 min Bus 6.67 min Overall average time for 11.99 kms 54.33 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 10%
    Bus 43.33 min Driving 10 min Waiting 8.33 min Motorbike 5.83 min Walking 4.17 min Overall average time for 20.83 kms 71.67 min
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