How to Reach Anaheim


  • Flights to Anaheim: The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the closest international airport to Anaheim. From here, you can have a connecting domestic flight to John Wayre Airport or Long Beach Airport, which are close to Anaheim.
  • By road, the Santa Ana Freeway, Orange Freeway and Riverside Freeway connect Anaheim by road.
  • Since Anaheim is a major city, it is well connected via Amtrak Anaheim railway.


  • Best way to get around Anaheim is to use the Anaheim Resort Transit system. This has a well connected route and has interchangeable tickets. The Anaheim Resort Transportation is also a good facility provided by many resorts and hotels.
  • The local bus is also good and well connected. Travel along the Red or the Gold lines to check out the city attractions.