Events and Festivals in Anchorage

  • Anchorage in Alaska celebrates many events and festivals throughout the year. During these events, the whole atmosphere in Anchorage is fun and vibrant. Here is a month wise list of events and festivals which are organised in Anchorage.
  • First Friday of Every Month: In order to promote local arts, Anchorage started a tradition, 20 years ago, that sees art galleries stay open till late night. Many art lovers enjoy art crawls and the whole experience is quite unique. This one is also a must do thing in Anchorage.
  • February: February sees a one of its kind festival being celebrated in Anchorage. The Fur Rendezvous Festival which sees a good variety activities like sled dog race, snowshoe football and outhouse races is one of the most popular festival in Anchorage.
  • August: Anchorage gets into a sporty vibe during the Anchorage RunFest. Athletes from all over the world participate in this fun event.
  • December: Anchorage International Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals in Alaska. Movie lovers across the globe travel all the way to Anchorage to visit this iconic film festival.

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