Best Things To Do in Anchorage, Alaska

Are you looking for what to do in Anchorage?


  • Anchorage Museum: Alaska’s largest museum is focused at bringing the other corners of the world to Anchorage, with educational exhibits on science and culture.
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: A fun and beautiful introduction to Alaskan natives and their lifestyles, this themed village is 10 kms south of Downtown.
  • Tony Knowles Coastal Trail: An unbeatably beautiful biking trail from Downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park. Check out the earthquake fault line. Sightseeing at its best.
  • Flattop Trail Hike: The Most hiked trail in the state is simple and offers grand panoramas at the top. Paraglide if you want.
  • Alaska Zoo: Nothing extravagant, but very clean, intimate and cool. This is one of Alaska’s most visited sights.


  • Activity wise, Anchorage offers a lot in hiking, cycling, kayaking, and skiing in your list of things to do.

Below we have a list of things to do in Anchorage and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Anchorage getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Anchorage with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Anchorage

Here is the list of things to do in Anchorage and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Eklutna Lake

    4.8 (752 Votes)
    Eklutna Lake

    Outdoors, View Point, Lake

    The pristine natural treasures of Lake Eklutna are ridiculously easy to appreciate. All you need is time. The lake is about an hour’s drive north of Anchorage. Its waters are glacier fed. Activities revolve around hiking, ATVs, camping and kayaking. It’s perhaps the most tranquil of all of Anchorage’s attractions. You may enjoy the lake in the following order of sights to see...Read more
  2. Portage Glacier

    4.6 (542 Votes)
    Portage Glacier

    Outdoors, Trail, Lake, Valley

    This beautiful glacier, lake and valley is one Alaska’s most visited tourist attractions. Once it used to cover the entire valley; now only a number of remnant glaciers remain. These are the Explorer, Middle, Byron, Burns, and Shakespeare glaciers. It is located about an hour’s drive from Anchorage. The glacier is at the southeast end of the lake; you will be approaching from the n...Read more
  3. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

    Conservation Centre

    Close to the ghost town of Portage this famous animal care center is a refuge for sick and orphaned Alaskan wildlife. They also help translocate or reintroduce species, like they did for wood bison and elk. Animals seen at the center include: wolves, foxes, eagles, grizzlies, musk ox, sitka black tailed deer, caribou, lynxes and coyotes. The Behind the scenes tour will take you through some ar...Read more
  4. Alyeska Aerial Tram

    4.7 (448 Votes)
    Alyeska Aerial Tram

    View Point, Cable Car

    Mount Alyeska is at an elevation of 2300 feet. That means great views of beautiful Alaskan landscapes at the top. That means you absolutely must take this seven minute tram ride up to the top to the Upper Tram Terminal. The climb is about 2,025 feet. Remember to look down on your way up as it is not uncommon to catch sight wildlife such as bears and deer. Once you’ve reach, seek out the ...Read more
  5. Anchorage Log Cabin Visitor Information Center
    You may as well make this your first tourist stop in the city. This sod-roofed log cabin is the real deal in every way. The building is authentic and as charming and quaint as wilderness buildings can get without actually being in the wild. Still the park is pretty and they have food vendors right outside. But what people love is how easy this center makes touring Anchorage. They have literall...Read more
  6. Alyeska Ski Area

    4.5 (357 Votes)
    Alyeska Ski Area

    Entertainment, Ski Resort

    Though the mountain is popular enough in the summer thanks to the viewing platforms and the restaurants on top, the real fun begins when ski season stats at the end of November. With over 669 inches of snow falls annually and 76 named trails, the mountain is Alaska’s largest ski center .Most of the ski trails and routes here are quite tough, for intermediate and advanced skiers. There is...Read more
  7. Eagle River Nature Center

    4.8 (168 Votes)
    Eagle River Nature Center


    The Eagles river is a 40 miles long stream heading out from Eagles glacier. The Eagle River Nature Center near the river aims to raise environmental awareness as well as help people have fun in the surrounding outdoors. There are four major trails in the area; Rodak Nature Trail (three quarters of a mile), Albert Loop Trail (3 miles), Dew Mound Trail (upto 6 miles), Historic Iditarod (a 25 mil...Read more
  8. Winner Creek Trail


    This is one of the most beautiful river hikes you’ll ever take in your life. The trail’s beauty is nearly mystic. White and blue water, icy cold, is forced violently through a narrow gorge at times only 15 meters wide. To get there, start behind Hotel Alyeska and walk the trail until you’re going the continent’s northernmost rain forest. You’ll eventually see the ...Read more
  9. Alaska Public Lands Information Center


    This place is almost a museum of sorts. Run by National Park Rangers, the center educates visitors on how to get the most out of Alaska’s outdoors experiences while maintaining the environment. To this end they provide every resource imaginable - cultural and historical exhibits, trip planning assistance, and advice on camping safety. The center also provides some of the passes necessary...Read more
  10. Anchorage Market And Festival


    This is clearly a tourist trap but it is a good one. Besides, it is aimed as much as the residents of Anchorage as visitors to the city. On summer weekends 300 vendors from around Anchorage set up stalls over the 7 acre lot known as Lower Bowl. They sell everything from the freshest of local produce, second hand souvenirs galore, and exotic imports from every country around the world. The whol...Read more
  11. Anchorage Museum At Rasmuson Center


    Alaska’s largest museum was opened in 1968 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Alaska purchase. Since then, it has expanded its permanent collection to about 25,000 historic objects, half a million photographs, and a library which undisputedly one of the richest sources of Alaskan heritage in the world. The museums’ temporary exhibits underline Alaska’s remoteness from t...Read more
  12. Begich Boggs Visitor Center
    Located on the northwest edge of Portage Lake, this Visitor Center he's quite popular with Alaskan to rest. It gives you an in-depth insight into the Chugach National Forest and Prince William Sound. The exhibits are incredibly immersive, with light and sound and wind effects, as you go through the various dioramas. Inside a movie theatre you get to watch the acclaimed documentary Voices from t...Read more
  13. Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

    Trail, Waterfront, View Point, Nature

    YAY! 11 miles of not a single vehicle. It runs from Second Avenue in Downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park and it covers some soulfully riveting sights as it does. Now, 11 mile might be a bit much to walk for some, but you can rent and ride a cycle. The best way to go about this uber-cool trail is to download a handy map off the internet, print it and take it along with you (although the signboard...Read more
  14. Alaska Railroad Depot


    Though there are multiple depots, the Wasilla one is truly historic one. Like, it’s listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and everything. The others aren’t bad. The best way to enjoy the depot is to take a train. Seriously, find a destination that sounds like good excuse and hop on. This really is one of those cases where the journey is far more awesome than the de...Read more
  15. Byron Glacier Trail

    Trail, Hiking Trail

    This is a short hike, the well marked trailhead starting from Byron Glacier Road. Most of the trail is quite flat and follows the picturesque Byron Creek. The surrounding forest are of attractive alder and cottonwood trees. If you come across a snowfield, knees and see if you can spot an ice-worm, creatures that spend their entire lives in glacial ice. You end up getting quite close to the glac...Read more

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