Events and Festivals in Angers

There are a lot of festivals and events happening in the city all year round. So it doesn’t matter when you plan your trip, you will be able to experience at least one of their festivities.

  • January: European first film festival, Premiers Plans is held in the city January every year.
  • March: The Poets spring, a poetry event is conducted in the month of March.
  • April: Cinemas of Africa, an African film festival is held once every two years.
  • May: A sport event, known as Angers is moving is conducted in May.
  • June: Artaq festival of urban arts.
  • July – August: Tempo Rives current music festival is celebrated every year between these two months.
  • September: A street side event, known as Accroche-Coeurs street performances is held in the city every September.
  • December: Christmas celebrations in the city is kicked off with the Winter Suns Christmas event.

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