Best Things To Do in Angers, France

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  • Chateau d' Angers: A thirteenth century Chateau built by Louis IX of France on a schist promontory.
  • Maisond'Adam: An excellent prototype of half-timbered house constructed during the medieval ages.
  • Saint-Maurice cathedral: One of the most important sightseeing places in the city, it is a baroque style church with gothic vaults. The two spires of the church 75 metres high.
  • Tour Saint-Aubin: An ancient bell tower of an abbey closed during the time of French revolution. It was constructed by 1170.
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts d'Angers: A museum exhibiting paintings and sculptures since the fourteenth century. It includes the works of famous artists like Antoine Watteau, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Van Loo, and Jean SiméonChardin.


  • Carre Cointreau: A tour around a wine distillery with a guide. Boulevard des Bretonnieres | Saint Barthelemyd'Anjou, Angers, France.
  • Le Petit Train: A little train ride around the city with an audio travel guide. 7, place du president Kennedy, 49051 Angers, France.
  • Navettesfluviales: Cruising along the River Maine and Loire. Address: 38 Boulevard Henri Arnauld, 49100 Angers, France.
  • Segway Mobilboard Angers: Segway tours through the city of Angers. 8, rue Saint Maurille, 49100 Angers, France.

Below we have a list of things to do in Angers and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Angers getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Angers

Here is the list of things to do in Angers and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Chateau D' Angers

    Castle, Historical Site

    Situated in the Loire valley overlooking the river Maine, the castle was once the court of Rene (the count) of Anjou. Founded by the counts of Anjou way back in the 9th Century, the current structure is as a result of expansion in the 13th century, wherein in the castle was fortified because of its important defensive location. It is probably because of its role as a defensive fortress that Dau...Read more
  2. Chateau De Serrant

    4.5 (378 Votes)
    Chateau De Serrant

    Art Gallery, Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    15 kms west of Angers, this is probably one of the best furnished Chateaus in Angers. Originally built on the lines of a medieval fortress, its 14th Century owners, the Brie family, undertook the task of modernizing the interiors. The exquisite furnishings and fabulous collections of paintings, tapestries and books is not something that you come across very often.Admire the: Sculpted ceiling. ...Read more
  3. Cathedrale St-maurice

    4.5 (519 Votes)
    Cathedrale St-maurice

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    Originally built in between 11th-16th century, this cathedral is the main Roman Catholic Church in Angers. A magnificent amalgamation of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, this cathedral is more than a place of worship: Descriptive and rich image transepts in the form of stain glass windows. Carvings inspired by the royal portal of the Chartres Cathedral. Painting depicting the life of St. Ma...Read more
  4. Parc Anjou Aventure


    A great nature part that offers a variety of exciting activities for children and adults alike. With 5 different levels of fitness difficulty, one could choose between the red, blue or the green track to test their skills. All activities are safe and monitored closely by life-guards. Activities at the park include: Tree climbing. Orientation testing activities. Several hiking tracks to discove...Read more
  5. Musee Lurcat

    4.5 (309 Votes)
    Musee Lurcat


    Museum Lucrattoday is a hospital complex housing some exclusive series of tapestries by the famous French artist Jean Lurçat. Jean Lurçat born 1st July 1892 played a pivotal role in the revival of contemporary tapestry. The very first tapestries made by him date back to as early as 1917. Formerly an orphanage, it was renovated later as an extension to the already existing Jean Luc...Read more
  6. Musee Des Beaux-arts

    4.4 (452 Votes)
    Musee Des Beaux-arts


    Spread over 7,000 square meters, lookout for the oldest building in the Toussaint complex and voila you come face to face with the Museum of Fine Arts! The museum had been declared as the best Art Museum in western France and therefore it is a must to visit this place when you are in Angers. The Museum is actually a private mansion housing a large collection of arts and artefacts: Ground floor...Read more
  7. The Plessis-bourre Castle

    4.4 (181 Votes)
    The Plessis-bourre Castle

    Castle, Historical Site

    This medieval castle is right out of a fairy-tale, not a surprise that it has been the location for many films. With a romantic backdrop, this 500 years old castle is yet maintained to its former glory: Explore the castle’s original defense system. Wide moat around the castle. Four drawbridges, still functional. Luxurious and stately apartments. The castle was originally built in betwee...Read more
  8. Carre Cointreau

    4.6 (252 Votes)
    Carre Cointreau

    Specialty Shop

    The Carre distillery takes you on a fascinating through the history and production of the famous liqueur Cointreau. Founded in 1849, the guided tour is all about more than 160 years of Cointreau history. You experience: The branding and marketing history behind the success of the liqueur. The ways in which the Cointreau is flavored with subtle aromas of the bitter-sweet orange zest. The proces...Read more
  9. Collegiale Saint-martin

    4.5 (338 Votes)
    Collegiale Saint-martin

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    A principal Gothic monument in this region, this church functioned as a collegiate Church in the past. The structure is not only admired for its grand architecture but also for the variousconcerts and exhibitions that are held here currently. Absorb in: The magnificent sculptures. The archaeological excavations Baroque organ case.
  10. Galerie David D' Angers

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    Galerie David D' Angers


    The original construction built in the 11th century was to provide the poor with a chapel and a burial cemetery. In the 13th century it was transformed to the Abbey Toussaint by the disciples of Saint Augustin. Unfortunately, after the revolution the parish was confiscated by the army and it fell into ruins. The abbey was accidentally discovered in the 19th century and the initial plan was to t...Read more
  11. Jardin Des Plantes D' Angers

    Botanical Garden

    Angers’ famous botanical garden that has been designed and landscaped by Edouard André. Take a romantic walk through the myriad of seasonal beauties and past the age old Elm Tree, amidst the man-made waterfalls and grand statues. Along with a small aviary and animal enclosure the botanical garden boasts of a variety of flora for every season: 25,000 perennial plants based on a col...Read more
  12. Chateau Du Plessis-mace

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    Chateau Du Plessis-mace


    Built in the 12th century, the castle was reconstructed in the 15th century by Louis de Beaumont once the 100 year war came to an end. Located 10 kilometer north of Angers in the town of Plessis-Mace, the castle was built right at the start of Renaissance. With four looming turrets built by the favorite chamberlain of King Louis XI, and artistically carved balconies, the castle speaks volumes o...Read more
  13. Le Petit Train

    Train Ride

    The little train journey is an exciting way to explore the history of Angers. The 40 minute journey is an overview of the city with an audio description touching upon all the important spots in the area. What is more, the ride is free if it is your birthday (valid ID required)! So get into that train and checkout the city highlights!
  14. Les Animaux De La Ferme Angers
    The animal farm is set in a traditional farmhouse and the owners are very welcoming to visitors. A breath of fresh air, it is a good getaway from the city. The farm especially appeals to children where they can interact with classic farm animals like chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits and so on. Exciting activities include: Bottle feeding the baby animals. Popcorns for the older animals and leanin...Read more
  15. Les Berthom

    4.5 (105 Votes)
    Les Berthom

    Pubs, Entertainment

    This great pub is located near the convention center and visitors love it for its great ambience and the wide variety of beer. Added bonus, is the great service with a smile.