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Angola Overview

Angola is one of the most under rated tourist destinations of South Africa. The country is gifted with Atlantic beaches and is definitely one of the most beautiful countries thanks to its terrains. Its origin roots back to the Paleolithic times, but it came into recognition only after Portuguese colonization. Even though it is one of the most targeted areas for business due to its deep mineral reserves, the tourism here has not flourished as much as it should have.

Visa Procedure

The Visa procedure for Angola is quite simple and the embassy is quite swift in reverting. There are very few countries that are exempt from visa for Angola. To find out about these countries, you have to contact the official authorities. There are various types of visas that you can obtain depending on your duration and purpose. These range from Transit visa, short stay visa and many others that make up the aforementioned list.

When to go                       

The best time to visit Angola is from the month of May to the month of October. These months make the winter season in Angola. July to August is the ideal time because the flight prices also go a little down and it can easily be categorized as the cheapest time to visit Angola.

Destinations to cover

When it comes to things to do and places to see, our list consists of these top 6 places that you should visit in Angola. First is the Fortress of Sao Miguel which is one of the most coveted museums. The Quicama National Park has a lot of activities to offer to you which range from Parks, Safaris, Elephant Rides and ofcourse witnessing the amazing wildlife. National Museum of Slavery is a disheartening sight. Cathedral of the Holy Saviour in Luanda, Bicauri National Park and Museum of the Armed Forces are some other sights that should be included in an ideal Angola Travel guide. 

Get in and around

Luanda is the biggest airport in Angola and is the answer to all your how to reach Angola problems. The country is further connected by trains and you can rent a car from Angola, although that is not a very safe option. The country is not very well connected internally so you will have to find out about the buses and other internal transport from the destination itself.

Hotels and Food

There are not many hostels available in Angola but the accommodation options are generally budget options only. Most of the hotels come in mid range and are great options to have a decent stay in the country. As it is a country surrounded by sea, the food available here is mainly sea food. Some of the dishes that you should definitely try out are Cabidela, which is a dish cooked in blood and is served with rice and funge. Caldeirada da Cabrito, is a goat meat stew served with rice and is a trademark dish for Angolan independence day. Fish stews are another dish included in famous food. Try out Caldeirada de peixe which is made with "whatever is available" and served with rice. Muzongue is made from whole dried and fresh fish cooked with palm oil, sweet potato, onion, tomato, spinach and spices. It is served with rice, spinach, funje, and farofa.

All in all the overall experience of this country will definitely be one of a kind and you should include it in your African itinerary if you like to visit off beat destinations.

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