Famous Museums in Ankara

The museums in Ankara give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Ankara with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Ankara. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Ankara.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Ankara.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Ankara:

  1. Ataturk Mausoleum Or AnitKabir

    Museum, Park, Plaza, Tower

    Located strategically on a prominent hill called as the Observation Hill in Ankara, the site was chosen because it could be seen from the entire city. Also known as AnitKabir, this is the mausoleum of Ataturk Kemal Pasha- the founder of the Turkish republic and the first president of Turkey. The architect for this structure was chosen from an international competition hosting 48 countries and i...Read more
  2. Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Architecture

    Also known Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi, this museum is located within the Ankara castle or Ankara citadel and holds a prominent position in the Museums of Turkey. The museum houses collection and artefacts from various prominent archaeological sites of Turkey. The museum itself is housed in a 15th century market in Ankara Citadel. Collections dating to various periods like Palaeolithic, Neolit...Read more
  3. Ankara Castle Or Citadel

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Museum

    Dating back to Celtic period, Ankara castle or Ankara Citadel Hisar is one of the landmarks of the city. Several renovations by different empires have left a blended look on the Castle which reflects the style of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman architecture. The famous Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is located at the entrance of the Castle. Hike to the top of the castle and enjoy the ma...Read more
  4. Cengelhan Rahmi M Koc Museum

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    This is a museum dedicated to technology and is located in a historical inn called Cengelhan. The place was then used as a warehouse for Mohair and hence has a legacy behind it. Later it was rented to Turkish industrialist Rahmi M. Koc to serve as a museum. The museum is spread over three floors: Lower Floor: Carpet Gallery, Agricultural Machinery and Pharmaceutical exhibits. Ground Floor: Var...Read more
  5. War Of Independence And Republic Museum

    Art And Culture, Museum, History Museum, Educational Site

    Also known as Kurtulus Savasi Muzesi, it is located in the former building of Turkish republican parliament. The museum is broadly divided into two sections. The War of Independence Museum has display of military photographs and documents from the independence war which was fought between 1921 and 1922. The Republic section has exhibits depicting the beginnings of Republic.