Best things to do in Ansan-si, South Korea

Located on the southern side of Seoul, Ansan is a small city known for its educational opportunities. A number of universities are situated here, which make it extremely popular amongst youngsters. For tourists, there are a number of natural sites that include waterfalls, parks and of course, the shoreline, which make a trip here exciting. Some must visit natural sites include Nojeokbong Falls Park, Daebudo, and Jonghyun fishing village.

While in the city, if you are looking for a one-day trip nearby, head to Makgol second ecological park in Gyeonggi-do for a day amidst nature.

The city is also home to a couple of museums that give you a glimpse of the history and the evolution of the city and its art. Make your way to Gyeonggi Museum of Art, or Glass Museum Island to know more.

For all those looking for more things to do in Ansan, take a look at our list of the top attractions of the city.

  1. Gyeonggi Museum Of Modern Art

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  2. 신안산대학교

    #2 of 3 Things To Do in Ansan-si
    신안산대학교 Image

    Overview of ì‹Â Ã¬•ˆÃ¬‚°ëŒ€Ã­•™ÃªÂµ Check out detailed information of ì‹Â Ã¬•ˆÃ¬‚°ëŒ€...Read more

  3. Posco Ast, S-chemtech

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    Posco Ast, S-chemtech Image

    Address: Seonggok-dong, Ansan-si, South Korea

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