Antigua And Barbuda

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Antigua And Barbuda Overview

Knows for its resorts, reefs and rainforests Antigua and Barbadua is basically like a family set in the intersection of Caribbean and Atlantic. Two main islands which take care of several small islets make up this commonwealth country. The two islands are largely inhabited, but the sights here are simply breath taking. If you want to go the off beat path and explore destinations that are not very common, then you are just on the right path.

Visa Procedure

People who are exempt from the simple yet tedious visa procedure are passport holders of the United States, United Kingdom, Canadian Visa or Permanent resident card or even visa holders of the aforementioned countries along with Schengen visa. All the other countries have to apply for a visa at a decent cost through the embassy.

When to go

The best time to visit Antigua or the cheapest time to visit Antigua is during the months of May to November, which is the island’s off season. Even though there is rain during this time, it is a great time to escape the crowds. During the months of December- April, the crowds and the prices both go really high but it is an extremely fun time to enjoy the vibe of this place.

Destinations to cover

There is plenty to see and plenty of things to do in Antigua and Barbuda. First is ofcourse snorkelling, sailing, enjoying the beaches and basically experiencing the life at Antigua. If you want to go to a place with quieter beaches and a lovely bird sanctuary, then Barbuda is the place for you. Apart from the two main ones- the other points to be included in your Antigua and Barbuda travel guide are St John’s for beaches, shopping, snorkelling and lovely harbours. Jolly Harbour, English Harbour and Bolands should also find a place in your itinerary. Some of the other breath taking places are Codrington, Falmouth, Five islands, Willikies and Urlings.

Get in and around

The Antigua airport is the best way to get in. Apart from this the only option for how to reach Antigua and Barbuda is through ferries. You can get around the islets through boats as well and taxis are also found in plenty. Even though you will find rent a car options, it is better to not opt for them as there are chances of you de-routing at all times.

Hotels and Food

There are plenty of hostels available for budget accommodation, but a better option is to opt for a bed and breakfast. If you can afford to shell out, then the luxury accommodation options are simply amazing here. The  best of hotels provide you the best of services coupled with the best of sights. A lot of the food here is basically sea food due to the vicinity with the waters. Some of the best dishes to try out are a combination of saltfish, eggplant, eggs and lettuce. Antiguan butter bread should accompany all your meals and beverages like mauby and seamoss along with tamarind juice are simply mind blowing.

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