Best Time To Visit Aomori Prefecture

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Best Time To Go To Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture experiences humid temperate climate and has noticeable seasonal changes. If you are visiting Aomori Prefecture for the first time, you need to understand its four distinct seasons. This will help you to plan your trip and enjoy your vacation without any hassle.

So, let’s check out the climate chart first:

  • Spring (April to May): With the onset of spring, Aomori Prefecture starts transforming into a land of pink color. All credit goes to the newly blossomed cherry trees that paints the nature with this magical color- pink. The Hirosaki park’s Cherry Blossom Festival becomes the haven for photographers from all over the world. That’s why, in this peak season Aomori Prefecture witness maximum number of footfall. Picnics become the favorite pass-time for Japanese people. Hence, expect crowd in the parks which offer stunning view of cherry blossom.  
  • Summer (June to September): With summer, the temperature starts rising up. At the same time, the streets of Aomori Prefecture get all decked up for their grand festival Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival. The list of festivals doesn’t end here. It also includes Goshohawara Tachineputa Festival, Hirosaki Neputa Festival, Aomori Nebuta Festival and many more. Hence, it is obvious that the hotel price will shoot up during these events. At the same time, the huge tourist crowd will be there at every tourist spots.
  • Autumn/Fall (October to November): As the autumn season steps in, the temperature starts to fall. Especially in the month of November. The newly born apples make the trees look more decorative. Added to this, the golden yellow brightens up the nature. Many photographers come in this season to capture the fall season of Aomori Prefecture. As it is the off-season for Aomori Prefecture, then you can expect
  • Winter (December to March): Though in winter, most part of the Prefecture gets covered with snow. But it also lets the tourists enjoy many winter activities like ski or snowboard.

So, spring and summer turns out to be the best time to visit Aomori Prefecture. However, if you wish to avoid crowd, then autumn and winter can also be considered as the ideal time for the visit. Thus, Aomori Prefecture is a year around destination to visit.

    We will be updating things to do in Aomori Prefecture soon.