How to reach Aarhus

How to reach Aarhus


By Train:

  • Copenhagen (3 hours; DKK 358; departs at least once an hour)
  • Hamburg (about 5 hours; EUR 50; a few times a day)

By Bus:

  • Rod bus goes to Copenhagen (it’s the cheapest)
  • Abildskou goes to Copenhagen, Hamburg Airport and Berlin
  • Eurolines go to Hamburg ( a key transit point for most European destinations)

 By Plane:

  • Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup is 45 minutes from Banegårdspladsen (in front of railway station for DKK100).
  • Billund Airport is 90 minutes away by bus leaving from Radisson SAS Hotel (tt costs about 180 DKK)


  • Walk and bike – that’s a good enough way to cover the whole city. You need to deposit DKK 20 for the bike which you get back when you return it. Getting the Aarhus Pass though allows you to cover all buses.

Modes of Transportation in Aarhus

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Aarhus. The most preferred mode of transport in Aarhus is Bus/Trolleybus.

Average distance: 4.95 km Average time: 20.5 min

  • Bus/Trolleybus 33.33%
    Bus 18.5 min Walking 8.5 min Waiting 0.5 min Overall average time for 5 kms 27.5 min
  • Walking 16.67%
    Walking 20 min Overall average time for 2.2 kms 20 min
  • Bike 33.33%
    Bike 17.5 min Walking 0.5 min Overall average time for 4.75 kms 18 min
  • Car 16.67%
    Driving 12 min Overall average time for 8 kms 12 min