Best Things To Do in Aarhus, Denmark

Are you looking for what to do in Aarhus?


  • Aarhus Art Museum: One of Denmark’s largest museums and home to the black walled galleries. Under 18’s get in free.
  • Aarhus Viking Museum: A fascinating, but small museum dedicated to Vikings, situated in the basement area of the Nordea Bank. Entrance is free.
  • Den Gamle By : More than 75 ancient Danish buildings in a collection going back as far as the 1500’s, all grouped together forming an open air museum village. Shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Aarhus Domkirke : The Aarhus Cathedral is a magnificent example of ancient Scandinavian architecture, more than 800 years old. The cathedral school is also 800 years old and the oldest existing high school in the world.

Pubs and Nightlife

  • Bridgewater: Bustling sports bar, party atmosphere all the time. Good vibe, beer is more expensive on weekends.
  • Herr Bartels: Oldest pub in town, good ambience, excellent prices, nice people, very popular.
  • Sidebar : Best cocktails, biggest drinks menu in the entire region, great service, nice, friendly atmosphere.
  • Den Sidste: Doesn’t mean ‘’last one’’ in Danish for nothing, the only party place open when everything else closes, fills up fast after midnight.


  • Latin Quarter: Modern, popular with discerning retail therapists. Funky and upmarket for the individual.
  • The Frederiksbjerg Quarter: Gourmet delights, world class shopping for connoisseurs, lots of boutique delis and exclusive eateries.

Below we have a list of things to do in Aarhus and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Aarhus getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Aarhus with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Aarhus

Here is the list of things to do in Aarhus and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The Old Town

    4.6 (543 Votes)
    The Old Town

    Historical Site, Old Town, Specialty Museum

    The world’s first open air museum (since 1914) has another distinction: it’s one of the only ones to recreate a town rather than a village. About 25 antique buildings, a number of pretty period gardens, and staff dressed in historically accurate wardrobe bring to life the illusion of a historical town – and it’s really a charming illusion. The atmosphere and immersion is...Read more
  2. The Womens Museum

    3.9 (376 Votes)
    The Womens Museum

    Specialty Museum

    One of the women’s museums in the world – this place showcases the development, evolution and impact of Danish women on the history of the country. The first of the two expansive permanent collections is Womens’s Lives, which covers a vast range of roles in great detail: prehistoric, middle ages, education and rights,  the relationship between mistress and servant, birth,...Read more
  3. Aros Aarhus Kunstmuesum

    4.5 (324 Votes)
    Aros Aarhus Kunstmuesum

    Art Museum, Art Gallery, Architecture

    Someone put a lot of thought into building this museum and it paid off big time. The construct is massive – ten stories tall, 17000 square metres – one of the largest art museums in Europe. Approaching it you’ll see the 150 metre long Rainbow Panorama – the circular skywalk that rests like a crown on the building.  There are three permanent collections: The Danish "...Read more
  4. Occupation Museum

    4 (355 Votes)
    Occupation Museum


    The Germans occupied Denmark from 1940-1945. During this period of suppression, military terror and civil rights abuses, the Danish population rallied itself with many inspiring acts against their oppressors. The story of that occupation and that resistance is told in this museum. Various artefacts, documents, weapons, photo show the perspective of this period of Danish history from both angles...Read more
  5. Moesgaard Museum

    4.7 (249 Votes)
    Moesgaard Museum

    Museum, Architecture

    The museum is arresting enough at first sight – it looks like it’s growing straight out of the ground, much like Aladdin’s Cave… and like that cave, it contains terrific treasures. Dedicated to archaeology and ethnography – it’s got ties to the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology, Ethnography and Anthropology at Aarhus ...Read more
  6. Aarhus Domkirke

    4.4 (367 Votes)
    Aarhus Domkirke

    Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    The original form of the Aarhus Cathedral was started in the 1190’s and finished a little more than a hundred years later in Romanesque style. It burnt down though, along with most of the town. The Reformation rolled around, and with it came Gothic architecture. It’s expansions left it the longest and highest church in Denmark. Get some of the locals to narrate the history of the pl...Read more
  7. Marselisborg Palace And Memorial Park

    Park, Monument, Palace, Sculpture

    How often is a royal couple gifted a palace of their very own on the occasion of their marriage by the people they rule? But that’s just what the Municipality of Aarhus did. The Royal Family continues to use the palace as a summer home to this date. The palace itself isn’t open to the public but the park is, at least during the months when the royal family isn’t residing. When...Read more
  8. Aarhus Theatre

    4.6 (388 Votes)
    Aarhus Theatre

    Entertainment, Theatre

    Talk about the largest provincial theatre in the town and the Aarhus Theatre would top the list. But this was not the theatre the past generations of Aarhus had visited. Prior to the 19th century, the theatres were very small and weren’t that well functioning. It was only later when the city became a major economic hub that the expansion of Aarhus theatre, then known as Svedekassen, was f...Read more
  9. Aarhus Botanical Garden

    4.6 (252 Votes)
    Aarhus Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden, Picnic Spot

    In 1873, the gardens were established as an experimental growing ground for various plants and trees. Over the years, different areas were developed into exhibits for specific flora. In the Tropical houses you’ll find tropical and subtropical plants; in the rockery you’ll find plants from the mountainous regions around the globe, a selection of popular medicinal plants and other mis...Read more
  10. Gammel Estrup Manor

    4.5 (167 Votes)
    Gammel Estrup Manor

    Museum, Garden

    For 600 years, this startlingly red manor was ruled by a single noble family. Today, it’s a dual purpose museum – showcasing generic Danish manor life on one hand, what with its big kitchens, halls and landscaped gardens; and a museum on agriculture on the other hand, showcasing the evolution of that particular industry in Denmark over the years. The former is the greater attraction...Read more
  11. Clausholm Castle

    Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    The original building that stood on these grounds was in such a sorry state that when the Danish Prime Minister decided he wanted to live here, he had the whole place torn down and had the building you see today constructed. This was in the early 1700’s. The castle became famous as the place from where the Prime Minister’s daughter, Anna Sophie Raventlow, was kidnapped by Frederick ...Read more
  12. Aarhus Airport Image
    Aarhus Airport, Aarhus (IATA: AAR, ICAO: EKAH) is an international airport located in Tirstrup, Denmark, about 45 km northeast of Aarhus. It is the second-largest airport in Denmark and serves as a hub for Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, and Sunclass Airlines. The airport is owned and operated by Aarhus Airport A/S.The airport was established in 1943 as a military airfi...Read more
  13. Kvindemuseet I Danmark Image
    The Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Women's Museum in Denmark) was started in 1982 in Aarhus, Denmark. It was founded by a group of women who were inspired by the first women's museum in the world, the Women's Museum in Bonn, Germany.The founders of the Kvindemuseet i Danmark were a group of feminist activists, artists, and academics who wanted to create a space dedicated to women's history, culture, a...Read more
  14. Århus Søfartsmuseum Image
    The Århus Søfartsmuseum, also known as the Aarhus Maritime Museum, was started in 1962 by the Aarhus City Council. It was established to showcase the maritime history and culture of Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city.The idea for the museum was first proposed by the Aarhus City Council in the late 1950s, as a way to preserve and promote the city's rich maritime heritage. The council appoin...Read more
  15. Aarhus Kunstbygning Image
    The Aarhus Kunstbygning, also known as the Aarhus Art Building, was started in 1917 by the Aarhus Art Society. The society was founded in 1859 by a group of local artists and art enthusiasts with the goal of promoting and exhibiting contemporary art in Aarhus, Denmark.The Aarhus Kunstbygning was originally located in a small building in the city center, but in 1927 it moved to its current locat...Read more

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