How to Reach Armacao Dos Buzios - The Easiest Way to Reach Armacao Dos Buzios


  • By Air: The nearest Airport is the Umberto Modiano Airport located almost 11 kilometres from Armacao dos Buzios but does not have any scheduled flights connecting other cities. The best bet is to catch a flight to Rio de Janiero or Sao Paulo since there are no direct flights to Armacao dos Buzios in Brazil. You can catch a bus from these cities to reach the small town.
  • By Bus: Busses are available from Rio de Janiero (around 180 kilometres distance) and Sao Paulo (600 kilometres distance) to reach Armacao dos Buzios.
  • By Car: If you are driving from Rio de Janiero, follow through to the BR-101 which is at Rio Bonito to later take the RJ-128.


  • By Taxi: The easiest way to get around the city is by taking a Taxi which is easily available at the Taxi ranks.
  • By Minivans: Minivans cover most of the town area and is preferred if you have a map of the town to know the routes.
  • By Bicycle: You can rent a Bicycle to explore the quaint town and the narrow hideaways of the town.
  • By Walking: If you don’t mind walking, you can cover the small town on foot since most of the town’s buzzing area is restricted to its famous beaches and the main street.


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How to Reach Armacao dos buzios from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Rio de janeiro to Armacao dos buzios 148.14 km 2 hours 28 mins
Lima to Armacao dos buzios 3940.61 km 65 hours 40 mins
New york city to Armacao dos buzios 4760.65 km 79 hours 20 mins
Newark to Armacao dos buzios 4765.05 km 79 hours 25 mins
Washington, d. c. to Armacao dos buzios 4793.67 km 79 hours 53 mins
Springfield to Armacao dos buzios 4795.67 km 79 hours 55 mins
Laurinburg to Armacao dos buzios 4797.63 km 79 hours 57 mins
Chicago to Armacao dos buzios 5240.5 km 87 hours 20 mins
Johannesburg to Armacao dos buzios 7776.75 km 129 hours 36 mins
Guildford to Armacao dos buzios 8641.95 km 144 hours 1 mins