15 Things To Do in Armacao Dos Buzios, Brazil

by Seema Nande Updated on 13 Oct 2018

Located on the ocean peninsula east of Rio de Janeiro, Armacao dos Buzios is a dedicated luxury holiday destination. Armacao dos Buzios is a famous beach destination in Brazil with over 21 beautiful beaches. By taking 2 hours and 30 minutes from north of Rio de Janeiro, you can reach this cool town. Water sports, shopping, dining, partying are few activities which can be enjoyed in Buzios. People rush to this place during Mid-December to Mid-March for its beautiful weather. You can go shopping in Rua das Pedras, relax and have a drink in Downtown Buzios, explore water sports or enjoy the stunning beauty of their beaches. Now, let’s check out top 15 places to visit in Armacao Dos, Buzios, Brazil.

Here's the list of Armacao Dos Buzios points of interest  and 15 best things to do in Armacao Dos Buzios:

1. Enjoy sunset at  the beach Praia da Tartaruga

Praia da Tartaruga is a calm beach with lovely ambiance. Antarctic currents don’t affect this beach which makes it the most peaceful beach in Armacao Dos Buzios. The name Praia da Tartaruga is translated into turtle beach in Portuguese since 3 different species of sea turtles resides here. You can try snorkeling and relax and enjoy the sunset in this warm beach.  

2. Feed your stomach and mind in Rua Das Pedras

Rua Das Pedras, a Cobblestone Street is a popular location for restaurants, pubs, clubs, and bars in Brazil. If you’re hungry or want to have blasting nightlife, ride straight to this bustling area of Buzios. This place is crowded day and night with a huge range of shopping options to excite its visitors. You can shop and also satiate your appetite in Rua Das Pedras which houses some of the best eat outs in Brazil. 

3. Go spiritual in Igreja de Sant'Ana Church

Set at the perfect location near the beach at Praia dos Ossos, Igreja de Sant'Ana Church is a wonderful little church. This church has historical values since it is built in 1700. You can visit this church during Saturday afternoon to participate in mass. It is a lovely destination to admire the sunset from its top. They didn't have cement during its construction hence they laid the bricks and glued them with some whale fat.

4. Treat your eyes with Praia do Forno

The red sand and natural rocks are the highlights of this beach. The water in this beach is very clear which makes it a delight to sightsee. You can reach this beach either by taxi boat or take a 15-minute mountain trail. By choosing the later to reach this place, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of the mountain surrounding this area. Pay a small amount for an umbrella, table, and chair, relax and relish on some wonderful seafood in this scintillating beach.

5. Get on a boat in Escuna

Tourist attractions in Armacao Dos BuziosImage source: wikimedia.org

Some places are better explored in a boat ride. Since Buzios is a beach town, it will be unfair if you don’t get into a boat. Escuna boats are famous for boating tour they offer for half day to enjoy all the beaches of Buzios. There are stopovers in few beaches such as Azeda and Joâo Fernandes. You can also go on a private boating with your loved one which is a bit costly than the regular ride.  

6. Get mesmerized at the sights of Praia Azeda and Azedinha

Praia Azeda and Azedinha are the smallest beaches in Buzios with just 200 meters long together. This beach amuses its visitors with its charming turquoise water and calm atmosphere. If you reach this place early, you can relax in deckchairs and an umbrella and admire its beauty for a full day. From Praia dos Ossos, you can reach these beaches by just 15-minute walk. 

7. Wander in Orla Bardot Broadwalk

After a wonderful meal from Rua Das Pedras, you can take a long walk in Orla Bardot. You can enjoy the beauty of this town along the way of this lovely Orla Bardot. It is stopover during the cruise. People can take a pleasant stroll over this place and watch, dine and drink at sunset. You can also find the statue of Brigitte Bardot during your exploration. 

8. Amazing water sports in Porto da Barra

Porto da Barra faces west over the Atlantic Ocean which makes it a perfect spot to enjoy striking sunset. If you visit this place during the weekend, you can enjoy live music at Hot Dougie's Rendezvous. If you wish to have an adrenaline rush, try their water sports such as surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and many more. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby this beach for the commuters.

9. Mirante de Joao Fernandes

Joao Fernandes is a magnificent beach with clear water. You can reach this beach only by taking a boat ride since it is not accessible by foot. Mirante is an ideal place to admire the gorgeous beauty of the beach Joao Fernandes and the coastal areas. People visit this lookout location to relish incredible views and taking photos for a keepsake.

10. Come in contact with nature through Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is an attractive coastal area which includes white sand beaches such as Grande, Forno and Pontal do Atalaia. It is located at distance of one hour drive from Buzios. You can take a boat or coach tour to explore the lovely beaches of this area. The turquoise color water with crystal clear complexion, the beaches of Arraial do Cabo is a treat for beach lovers. 

11. Take a photo near Brigitte Bardot Statue

Taking a picture with a French actress in real time is not easy. But if you visit Buzios, there is a sculpture of French actress Brigitte Bardot in Orla. You can take a photo of this beautiful statue while visiting this magnificent town. During her film days back in the 1960s, Buzios was her regular vacation spot. Hence, a bronze statue created in her memory in Orla.

12. Go surfing in Geriba Beach

On the south side of the Búzios peninsula, Geriba Beach is located facing its eastward into Atlantic. Due to its southeast facing, this beach is famous for surfing. People go on jogging, swimming, play soccer, or foot volley in this beach. From December through Easter, this place is crowded the most. In the rest of the year, you can just rent a peaceful beachfront home and relax in the serenity of this beautiful beach. 

13. Romance stroll in Ferradurinha Beach

Ferradurinha Beach is a romantic beach which is popular among honeymooners. This is a small, cute beach which is located between Geriba and Ferradura Beaches. Stand up paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming are some of the renowned activities carried out on this beach. Local snack shop nearby this beach sells authentic Brazilian snacks. 

14. Enjoy family outing in Azeda Beach

Azeda Beach is an ideal family beach which can excite both kids and adults with its charismatic appearance. It is a small beach with a beautiful view. You can reach Azeda beach in less than 10 minutes from Ossos beach. This beach is pretty packed during season time. Hence, it is advised to visit this beach during offseason for a leisure stay.

15. Take a sunbath in Brava Beach

Brava Beach is a deserted tropical beach under the blue sky with a green hill backdrop. Brava Beach is wide open with soft sand and clean water. Due to its wide area, many people prefer this beach for taking a sunbath. The waves are very strong which makes it the best destination for surfing. There are many restaurants and bars nearby for refreshments.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Armacao Dos Buzios

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    Rua Das Pedras

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    Address: R. das Pedras, Buzios – RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

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    Joao Fernandes Beach

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    Geriba Beach

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    Address: 288, Rua Gerbert Perisse, 10 - Manguinhos, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

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     One of the most common and popular haunts in the town, the Geriba Beach is loved for its extensive shore, beautiful sand and a range of activities including snorkeling, banana boat, jet-skiing a...Read more

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    Orla Bardot Boardwalk

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    Address: Between Rua das Pedras hasta la Praia dos Ossos, Armacao dos Buzios, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Named after the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot, the Orla Bardot Boardwalk is like seeing Armacao dos Buzios through a camera lens- pretty, picturesque and perfect! Take a walk here during your ...Read more

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    Forno Beach

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    Address: Armacao dos Buzios, 28950-000, Brazil

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    A charming beach known for its toe-shaped shore and beautiful sunsets which are sure to make any evening in Armacao dos Buzios a rather romantic one, make this a special place. The beach has one bar a...Read more

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    Tartaruga Beach And Park

    Tags: Bar, Beach, Restaurant, Water Sport

    Address: R. da Tartaruga, 17, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

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    The Tartuga Beach adds to the glorious shores of Armacao dos Buzios like no other. Known specially for egg laying season of Turtles, the beach is a must visit for its innumerable activities, clean wat...Read more

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    Ferradurinha Beach

    Tags: Beach, Food And Drinks, Nature

    Address: R. Margarete, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    One of the most romantic beaches in Buzios, the Praia Ferradurinha is loved for its rocky outcrops and a small scenic beach with clear waters. Most of the people who visit the beach swim to the &ldquo...Read more

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    Azeda Beach

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    Address: Praia dos Ossos, 1 - Village de Buzios, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

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    One of the most elegant and charming beaches in Armacao dos Buzios, the Azeda Beach is located to the east of the town. The small beach is known for being crowded during summers but on any other day, ...Read more

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    Brigitte Bardot Statue

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    Address: Orla Bardot, Armacao dos Buzios, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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    The famous actress Brigitte Bardot visited Armacao dos Buzios in the 60’s with her boyfriend back when the city did not have any global presence and even basic needs like electricity. After her ...Read more

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    Armacao Beach

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    Address: Armacao dos Buzios, State of Rio de Janeiro, (South Atlantic Ocean, Brazil)

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    Buda Beach Buzios Restaurant

    Address: Av. Jose Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 534 - Orla Bardot - Centro, Armacao dos Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

    Timings: 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

    One of the most eclectic places to visit while in Armacao dos Buzios, the Buda Beach Buzios Restaurant is every tourist’s dream come true. The popular nightlife hangout place is known for its we...Read more

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    Brava Beach

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    Address: Armacao dos Buzios - State of Rio de Janeiro, 28950-000, Brazil

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    If you are looking for a more intimate place than most of the tourist places in Armacao dos Buzios, then the Brava Beach is the for you. A few sunbeds and umbrellas are available at the beach while a ...Read more

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    Restaurant David

    Tags: Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Address: R. Manoel Turíbio de Farias, 260 - Centro, Buzios - RJ, 28950-000, Brazil

    Timings: 12:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

    If you love sea-food, there is no better place in Armacao dos Buzios than Restaurant David! From Prawns, Grilled Fish to Seafood Risotto, every one of their signature dish is a local legend. The small...Read more

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    Praia Do Canto

    Tags: Beach, View Point, Boating, Nature

    Address: Armacao dos Buzios, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Boasting of a 1500 meters long shore line and a beautiful view of the ocean to go with it, the Praia do Canto is best known for boat tours of the Peninsula. The beautiful stretch of sand is inviting f...Read more

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    Praia Rasa

    Tags: Beach, View Point, Walking Area, Picnic Spot

    Address: Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    One of the most untouched, un-crowded beaches in Buzios, the Rasa Beach is serenity at its best. The small beach is located pretty close to the town center and has a narrow shore compared to other bea...Read more