How to Reach Armadale


Thinking how to reach Armadale? Check out these options:

  • By Air: Glasgow is the nearest airport to Armadale and connecting flights to Inverness Airport are available. From Inverness Airport, buses, private cars and taxis reach out to Armadale
  • By Bus: Buses are available from Glasgow Airport as well as from Buchanan bus station till Mallaig railway station. Ferries from Mallaig to Armadale are available at Mallaig ferry terminal.
  • By Train: Trains depart from Glasgow Central station to Mallaig railway station. From Mallaig, ferries are available toArmadale.
  • By Car: Cars are available and can be hired near Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Central station and Buchanan bus station to Mallaig railway station which is close to Mallaig ferry terminal. From there, ferries are available for Armadale.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are available near the terminal building at Glasgow Airport, from Buchanan bus station and from Glasgow Central station to Mallaig railway station. From there ferries are available till Armadale.
  • By Ferry: Ferries are available from Mallaig ferry terminal to Armadale Ferry Terminal.


Some of the modes oftransport in Armadale are:

  • By Bus: Buses are available and commute within the city.
  • By Car/By Taxi: Private Cars and taxis are available on hire and can be rented from the local taxi services.
  • By Walk: All the places in Armadale are within walking distance and can be best explored on foot.
  • By Cycle: Bicycles can be hired from cycle stores.