Kilimanjaro International Airport

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Kilimanjaro International Airport Reviews & Ratings

  • Security control does not exist there, people are passing through the security check with liquids inside their bags and electronic devices in their pockets. It is a matter of time until something bad happens there.... If you want to use the toilet you have to go through the security gates with your ticket (there are no toilets outside). Same thing if you have to buy any kind of drinks. On the positive side it is kept really clean.

  • 4 stars for the food, which was nice! 1 star for the airport as such.. The airport is ridiculously unorganized. The security check is pretty much non existent, the immigration offices are extremely slow. Let me just elaborate the immigration process as an example: 1. First you have to apply for a visa. (3 clerks for 300+ arriving passengers) 2. Once you receive your visa you may go to the next window to pay it. (USD - Cash only!) 3. After paying you may go get the visa that was just handed to you checked again and stamped on your passport.

  • One, sometimes 2 customs/immigration officials on for departures. Even the 1 official that was there let through an entire sports team, talking for ages about nothing to do with their passports making all tourists wait up to 1 hour with only 20 people in the line. Totally unacceptable and certainly not helping with tourism. We will not be back to Tanzania specifically because the departure (& even arrivals) immigration had unacceptable wait times. If you want tourists to return, this will need to be significantly improved.

  • Simple airport.. clean toilets.. if you are flying domestic..don't expect too much.. simple cafe once through security.. if you want food, I suggest go to the outdoor cafe next to the petrol station near the entry.. cold beer and good food..

  • It's a nice and cool place

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