Best Time To Visit Assisi

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Best Time To Go To Assisi

The birthplace of St. Francis, Assisi is a picturesque Italian town. While the best time to visit Assisi is between May to August, here are the year round weather details:

  • Summer: Lasts from June to August. The temperatures range between 14° Celsius and 31° Celsius.
  • Autumn: Autumn is from September to November. Facing a few rainy days, it is best to avoid autumn if you are visiting Assisi for the first time.
  • Winter: Lasting from December to February, the temperatures range between 3° Celsius and 11° Celsius during winters. Monsoons intermingle with winters and the region is prone to many rainy days during this time.
  • Spring: One of the best seasons to visit Assisi, March to May is spring time. The temperatures range between 4° Celsius and 23° Celsius.
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