How to Reach Aswan


 By Air:

  • Aswan International Airport is 25 km south of the city
  • Taxis to the city will charge LE 35 - LE 50.
  • Security on the airport route is tight and there are no public buses.
  • Flights come in from EgyptAir (Abu Simbel, Cairo, Luxor), Iberworld(Madrid), LotusAir (Cairo) and Air Viva (Cairo and Luxor.)

 By Train:

  • Ramsis Station is just north of city centre.
  • Ticket queues are long and service is slow.
  • Luxor is 3 hours away
  • Cairo is 13 hours away (57LE for second class, 113LE first class)

By Bus:

  • Not recommended for tourists.
  • Book tickets at least 3 days in advance
  • Cairo (Al-tojorman;0500; 100LE) – Aswan is 29 hours.
  • Hurghada is 8 hours away

 By Boat:

  • Plenty of cruises to check out
  • Luxor – Aswan is 3 – 4 days.


Get around on foot in town. When accessing the islands, try hooking up with a pilot of felucca (a special king of sailed boat). Crossing the banks from east to west ought to only cost 5 E, but motor boat carriers will often quote higher pries. Bargain hard.

Route Distance Time
Luxor to Aswan 152.13 km 2 hours 32 mins
Sohag to Aswan 267.85 km 4 hours 27 mins
Hurghada to Aswan 311.1 km 5 hours 11 mins
Cairo to Aswan 590.47 km 9 hours 50 mins
Jerusalem to Aswan 752.1 km 12 hours 32 mins
Riyadh to Aswan 1536.93 km 25 hours 36 mins
Bucharest to Aswan 2102.74 km 35 hours 2 mins
Nairobi to Aswan 2347.93 km 39 hours 7 mins
Belgrade to Aswan 2469.94 km 41 hours 9 mins
Dubai to Aswan 2487.69 km 41 hours 27 mins